Submitted by Candace Gravelle

Name                	County             	Twp             	Page

A. Ashly Shelby Dist. ? 273
Andrew Ashley Pulaski Division 134
Calaway Ashley Pulaski Scmmerse 012
Cary Ashley Grayson no twp 073
Charles Ashley Pulaski Division 078
Charles M. Ashley Hickman no twp 032
David Ashly Jefferson Louisville 083
Edmund C. Ashun ** Jefferson Louisville 383
Edwin Ashley Crittenden District 249
Ellis Ashew ** Butler Morganto 277
Franklin Ashley Letcher District 150
Harmon Ashley Boone District 172
Hezekiah Ashley Jefferson Louisville 226
Hezekiah Ashley Grayson no twp 047
Jacob Ashum ** Grayson Dist 381
J. Ashley Ballard no twp 268
James Ashley Mercer District 301
Jane Ashley Graves District 375
Joel Aslin ** Simpson no twp 055
John Ashley Grayson no twp 046
John Ashley Mercer District 278
John Ashley Mercer District 342
John Ashley Crittenden District 258
John Ashley Adair District 063
John O. Ashley Pulaski Sommerse 005
Jordan Ashley Perry District 426 (?)
Joseph Ashley Caldwell District 351
Malinda Ashley Graves District 372
M.O. Ashly Bath District 108
N.J. Ashley Union District 519
Nancy J. Ashley Pulaski Sommerse 013
Nancy Ashy ** Madison District 314
Polina Ashew ** Butler Morganto 277
Robert Ashley Ball no twp 278
Robert A. Ashley Fayette District 212
Rose Ashly Jefferson District 251
Samuel Ashly Crittenden District 214
Samuel Aspley ** Simpson no twp 026
Sarah Ashley Barren Division 345
Sarah Ashley Ball no twp 304
Sarah E. Ashley Caldwell District 355
Sarah E. Ashley Caldwell District 355
Silas Ashy ** Nelson District 374
Spencer Ashley Franklin District 073
Squire L. Ashley Fulton Hickman 140 (?)
Surdey Ashley Pulaski Division 078
Thomas J. Ashley Simpson no twp 063
Thomas P. Ashley Pulaski Division 138
Thomas Ashy ** Nelson District 374
Uriah Ashley Pulaski Division 115
Uriah Ashley Mercer District 342
Wilburn Ashley Marshall District 482
Wilcom Ashley Grayson no twp 048
William Ashley Franklin District 073
William Ashley Ball no twp 280
William Ashley Perry District 426
William H. Ashley Bath Division 026
Willis Ashley Mercer District 274
William Aspley ** Simpson no twp 026

* Note* There are a variety of other possible spellings, possible typos or transcription errors which could be looked at for further clues or research in this census index. I tried to include the more obvious possibilities, however, there are probably more of interest to look at.

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