Submitted by Candace Gravelle

Name                   	County               	Twp              Page
Alexander Ashley Greene 9th Dist 216
Betsey Ashley Coffee 2nd Civ. 011
Calford Ashley Gibson 8th Civ. 226
Carey Ashely Greene 9th Dist 241
Daniel Ashley Coffee 2nd Civ 013
Daniel Asey ** Henry 13th Civ 357
Dillard Ashley Wilson 9th Civ 398
Gabriel Asey ** Henry 13th Civ 357
G.B. Ashley Davidson Nashville 104
George Asly ** Rutherford Big Spring 310
Halford Ashley Jr. Gibson 8th Civ 226
Halifax Ashley Lincoln 2nd Sub 038
Howel Ashly McMinn 23 Sub 332
J.M. Ashley Overton 11th Civ 209
James Ashley Coffee 1st Civ 017
James Ashley Franklin 4th Dist 038
James Ashly Franklin 14 Dist 120
James G. Ashly Gibson 9th Civ 252
James Athey ** Davidson Nashville 114
James T. Asprey** Gibson 4th Civ 165
James Aspy ** Carroll 8th Dist 083
Jemina Ashley Greene 9th Civ 227
John Ashley Coffee 1st Civ 017
John Ashley Polk 4th Civ 240
John Ashley Polk 2nd Civ 213
John Ashley Shelby 9th Civ 166
John R. Ashley Cannon Crafts 396
John H. Ashly Franklin 9th Civ 081 (61?)
Joseph Ashley Shelby 10th Civ 173
Joseph Ashley Polk 3rd Civ 224
Maria Ashley Davidson 2nd Sub 299
Martin Ashley Davidson 2nd Sub 268
Newton Ashley Lincoln 8th Dist 107
Nickles Ashley Smith 5th Div 366
Peter Ashley Lincoln 2nd Sub 025
Reuben R. Ashley Gibson 9th Civ 248
Robert Ashley Greene 10th Civ 321
Saluda A. Aspy ** Carroll 3rd Civ 036
William Ashley Coffee 2nd Civ 011
William Ashley Gibson 8th Civ 226
William Ashley Davidson Nashville 151
William Ashley McMinn 23rd Sub 342
William Ashley Smith S. Div. 346
William Ashly Blount 10th Civ 086 (66?)
William F. Ashy ** Rutherford Big Spring 308
Williamby Ashly Warren 8th Civ 094
Willy Ashley McMinn 23rd Sub 251
William Ashelsy ** Greene 9th Civ 241

** Note** There are a variety of other possible typos, transcription errors, and variations in spellings for names which could be looked at, e.g. Asher, Ashell, etc. in this index. I tried to include the more obvious ones with other Ashleys in the same counties, nearby, or similar names appearing in subsequent census indexes, etc.

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