Submitted by Candace Gravelle

Name                   	County               	Twp             Page
Charity Ashley Guadalupe No twp 300
F. Ashoff** Galveston Galveston 254
F. Ashoff ** Galveston Galveston 240
George Ashley Galveston Galveston 274
James Ashley Milan Milan 028
James B. Ashmun ** Hopkins no twp 142
Jefferson Atcley** Hopkins no twp 139
John Ashley Lamar 1st Prec 268
John Ashley Gray No twp 347
John B. Ashe** Galveston Galveston 279
John A. Askey ** Hunt No twp 198
John Ashler** Colorado Colorado
Josiah Ashley Lamar 6th Prec 293
Josiah Ashlot ** Denton No Twp 112
Lewis Ashoff ** Galveston Galveston 254
Mary Ashly Harris Houston 006
Merady Ashlock** Collins no twp 015
Nelson Asky ** Hunt No twp 198
Norton Ashmun Hopkins no twp 140
Thom L. Ashly Lamar 5th Prec. 287
Thomas Ashur** Dewi no twp 121
William Ashley Milan Milan 028
William Ashly Gonzales Peach Cr. 326
William Ashly Hunt no twp 192
Willis Ashley Nacogdoches no twp 084

** There are other possible variations in spelling, typos or transcription errors in similar names that could be looked at, and I tried to include the more obvious possibilities.**

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