Submitted by Candace Gravelle

Name                  	County              	Twp             	Page
Alexander Ashley Lamar Paris Beat 2 275
Ambrose Ashly Burleson Caldwell 194
Ann Ashly Walker Huntsville 414
Caroline Ashley Harrison Powelton 026
Charity Ashley Guadalupe Seguin 354
Charity Ashley Guadalupe Seguin 359
Charles Ashley Walker Huntsville 348
Dan Ashley Madison Midway 294
Edmund Ashley Walker Huntsville 419
Edward Ashly Nacogdoches Melrose 486
Eliza Ashley Rusk Henderson 366
Elizabeth Ashley Harris Houston 562
Isabella Ashley Trinity Pennington 349
J.A. Ashley Parker Woods Beat 5 405
James Ashley Anderson Palestine 077
James Ashley Robertson Bremond 245
Jeremiah Ashley Hopkins White Oak 100
Joel Ashel ** Williamson Corn Hill 441
John Ashley Guadalupe Seguin 371
John Ashley Lamar Paris 303
John P. Ashley Rusk Henderson 309
Marion Ashley Travis Williamson Ck. 166
Mark C. Ashley Lamar Paris 314
Mary Ashley Brazos Bryan 094
Mary E. Ashley Lamar Paris 308
Nanaf * Ashley Lamar Paris 275
Orn B. Ashley Lamar Paris 308
S.B. Ashley Wood Quitman 532
Sandy Ashley Walker Huntsville 312
Sylvester Ashley Hopkins Bright Star 044
Thomas Ashley Lamar Paris 314
Tom Ashley Houston Augusta 230
William Ashley Bexar San Antonio 208
William Ashley Bexar San Antonio 276
William Ashley Fannin Honey Grove 276
William Ashley Wood Quitman 571
William Ashly Nacogdoches Douglas 474
William Ashly Washington 2nd Prec. 032

* Note * Many of the 1870 census indexes have the age and state of birth for the heads of household, but this one did not **

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