1938 Mountain View Telephone Directory

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Telephone Directory, Mt. View, Okla., February, 1938, Southwestern Bell Telephone Company
Exchange Rates Per Month within the Initial Rate area:
Business-Individual Line $2.50. Extension Telephone $1.00. Additional listing $ .25;
Residence-Individual Line $1.50. Extension Telephone $ .50. Additional listing $ .25.
Station to Station Toll Rates to a Few Oklahoma Points:
Oklahoma City $ .50; Tulsa $ .90; Muskogee $1.00; Enid $ .60; Lawton $ .30; Ardmore $ .70.
*Rates quoted above do not U.S. Government or State tax.


Allen J H rural 806-F-14
Anderson H R Dr ofc 95
Andrews Addie res. 48
Askew Kelly rural 810-F-32


Baker J B res 26
Baldridge J M res 54
Barney Carter rural 802-F-14
Barton Earl rural 801-F-3
Berry D A rural 805-F-111
Berry Walter rural 810-F-21
Bolden Jim rural 803-F-4
Bradley Ray rural 800-F-33
Bradley Sam rural 804-F-12
Briggs O E rural 805-F-26
Brooks L M rural 801-F-2
Bryce F A res 115
Bullington P C rural 812-F-31


Calaway J E res 176
Caldwell T C rural 800-F-31
Campbell E L Mrs. res 120
Carsten A E rural 802-F-22
Chambless Luther res 77
Champlin Service Station 110
C R I & P Depot 29
Chick Lester res 87
Chickasha Milling Co office 32
Christian Amada rural 800-F-23
Coker O D res 119
Cole E A res 125
Collier L A res 98
Comstock A C res 173
Continental Oil Co 82
Cook Bill rural 803-F-24
Cook Douglas rural 812-F-121
Cook T A res 35
Co-Operative Gin 135
Corner Drug Store 8
Cowden Gin 813-F-2
Crabtree A J res 21


Davenport Sollie res 187
Davidson E M rural 806-F-21
Delk A B rural 805-F-15
Delk N E rural 805-F-21
Dixie Oil Co 177
Douglas Gin 116
Dowdy's Station rural 813-F-33


Eaton Floyd Insurance Agency Ad: Fire-Tornado-Auto-Crop Insurance-Loans- Real Estate Mt. View...24 Res Phone...12
Eaton Floyd Insurance Agency 24
Eaton Floyd res 12
Eaton T J rural 804-F-111
Elkouri Joseph res 163
Evans Leo res 68


Fanson F W res 60
Fanson Wayne R res 65
Farmers Cooperative Ass'n Ad: Save Money on Coal, Flour, Feed, Seed All Standard Brands Highest Prices Paid for Produce and Grain Mt. View...53
Farmers Cooperative Association 53
Farmers Co-operative Gin 136
Farmers Produce Co 56
Farmers Union Cooperative Gin 181
Farr J W res 69
Ferrell John F res 58
First National Bank 25
Flickinger J rural 812-F-6
Flickinger Maristen rural 811-F-121
Flood E O res 62
Fobes A W rural 801-F-14
Ford Authorized Sales & Service- Zellner Motor Co 39
Foust Jack rural 813-F-111
Fox Raymond rural 811-f-14
Fox Russell rural 811-F-23
Frazier O rural 803-F-12
Fritz Carl rural 811-F-31
Fritz W M rural 811-F-5
Fritz Wilbur rural 811-F-12


George Russell rural 803-F-13
George Walter rural 803-F-121
Gillette F J rural 803-F-33
Granger J L rural 810-F-15
Gray Dr M res 47
Grinnell D S Jr res 213
Grinnell's Rexall Drug Store 55
Grubb Vance rural 801-F-21


Haley John T rural 806-F-3
Hancock Roy rural 803-F-32
Hancock W B rural 803-F-5
Harrison Alta Mrs res 57
Haskins Gilbert rural 804-F-14
Hathaway A H Dr office 34
Hathaway A H Dr res 28
Hawkins Will rural 800-F-6
Hays Rufe rural 808-F-14
Helsted J T rural 802-F-12
Henley G L rural 802-F-4
Henley J C res 153
Higgins John rural 808-F-2
High School 171
Hockaday Hardware Company 90
Hodge R C res 15
Hoffmire Z A res 61
Holland D M rural 813-F-22
Hoover J F rural 807-F-2
Hoover Sandy rural 807-F-3
Howe John rural 811-F-3
Howell Y A rural 800-F-4
Hoyl W H rural 814-F-21
Hurst W B res 143


Jackson P S Rev rural 810-F-2
Johnson Hadden res 88
Johnson W B rural 811-F-4
Jones Donald rural 810-F-13
Jones J C res 72
Jones M G rural 810-F-3
Jones & Shook Salvage Shop Ad: Wrecker Service Welding-Batteries We Buy Iron, Metal and Junk Parts for Every Automobile Mt. View...19
Jones & Shook Salvage Shop 19
Jones W E rural 805-F-14
Junior High School 172


Kellough M M rural 805-F-2
Kelly Grocery 52
Kelly Lelah D Dr res 45
Kelly Oil Co 59
Kelly Ralph res 20
Keown E E res 114
Kiespert Ernest res 109
Kinney H N res 124
Knight D M res 70
Knight Funeral Home Ad: Phone 105 Ambulance Service Mt. View...105
Knight Funeral Home 105
Knight & Weidnemair Grocery 99
Kobs A E res 30
Kobs Amos res 18
Kobs Rusty res 22


Lacey's Bakery 38
Lacy Tom 424 S 3 Res 127
Law T B rural 801-F-32
Little Faye res 108


Mace J A rural 810-F-111
Mace Magness rural 811-F-11
Madden Arthur rural 805-F-13
Madden W J rural 805-F-3
Magnolia Service Station 23
Marlett J W res 6
Marrs L P res 67
Mason Elmer rural 801-F-12
Mason J H res 152
McBride Gertrude Mrs res 133
Methodist Parsonage 63
Miller Roy rural 813-F-5
Mock Frank rural 802-F-3
Model Cleaners 150
Moody's Grocery 103
Morris C R res 31
Morris & Jones Store rural 813-F-13
Morrow Café 80
Mt View Garage 27
Mt View Gin 94
Mt View Grain Co Ad: Carey Lombard Young & Co., Owners A Real Grain, Feed and Produce Business Square Dealing and Courteous Service J.R. Patton, Mgr. Mt. View...132
Mt View Grain Co 132
Mt View Ice & Produce Co 148
Mountain View Lumber Co Ad: Sherwin-Williams Paints Imperial Washable Wallpaper Kierks Yellow Pine Lumber Haddon Johnson, Mgr. Mt. View...4
Mt View Lumber Co 4
Mt View Times Office 49
Mt View Water Works 14


Nickelson George rural 803-F-3
Nickelson W E rural 812-F-32
Nix W B rural 806-F-4
Noland L S res 130
Noland Transfer 178


Opry Carl rural 810-F-6


Parker W L rural 803-F-22
Parrish T P rural 803-F-16
Patton J R res 107
Payne Charley rural 810-F-12
Payne H E rural 810-F-11
Peoples J W rural 801-F-16
Pete Produce 93
Petty J W rural 812-F-5
Pewthers Ernest rural 804-F-11
Pewthers J C rural 804-F-2
Pewthers J J rural 804-F-21
Phelps S H rural 804-F-23
Phillips Petroleum Co 66
Pierce G L res 184
Posey Gertie rural 801-F-24
Prentice Ed rural 804-F-4
Pressley J D rural 806-F-6


Ragan J A dry goods 42
Reynolds E E rural 814-F-111
Reynolds R D Mrs res 17
Rhodes Bode rural 803-F-21
Rhodes Lester rural 813-F-12
Richardson Harrison rural 800-F-2
Roberts E O rural 812-F-26
Robertson E W rural 813-F-3
Robertson's Store rural 813-F-11
Roddy Rube rural 814-F-2
Rogers T H Lumber co 9
Rogers Thomas res 118
Romans G L res 74
Ross S B Mrs res 46
Rowley L E rural 812-F-16
Rushton W S rural 810-F-22
Russell Beatrice Mrs res 126
Russell G O rural 803-F-21
Russell W L Dr res 97


Sadler A M rural 808-F-21
Sanford B F rural 808-F-24
Schaefer H res 51
Sedan Gin 803-F-14
Shacklett J L dentist 7
Sharrock R L rural 800-F-14
Shaw J C rural 804-F-13
Simons A A Rev res 175
Slangstrom Luke grocery 81
Sloan Court rural 810-F-25
Sloan Ed rural 810-F-132
Slohn A H rural 803-F-31
Slohn Frank rural 803-F-23
Smith E A rural 801-F-31
Smith Green rural 810-F-121
Smith J J rural 805-F-25
Smith Rudolph res 44
Southwestern Bell Tel Co business office 71
Spencer J E rural 812-F-14
Star Cleaners 100
Statler Ruben rural 808-F-31
Steph Joe rural 811-F-24
Stephens B M rural 813-F-4
Stinson A E res 16
Stinson Mercantile Co 1
Stinson Mercantile Co grocery 5
Stuckey F F res 40
Sumner C E res 37


Talley J J rural 805-F-31
Teal Earl rural 806-F-13
Teal J E res 75
Teal Juel res 64
Teal W G rural 814-F-22
Thompson A M Mrs rural 803-F-111
Thompson J Z Mrs res 112
Tidball V H rural 801-F-4


Underwood R G res 117
Underwood W M res 85


Vogue Beauty Shop 33


Walker Norman res 79
Webb W J res 36
Wells G H ins 123
Wells George res 91
White B B res 2
Williams Vada res 11
J Willmore H rural 808-F-15
Witham F D rural 814-F-12
Witten Barber & Beauty Shop Ad: All Lines of Beauty Culture, By Expert Operators Permanents-Hair Cutting Mt. View...41
Witten Beauty Shop 41
Witten W H res 168
Wood Jewel Mrs res 134
Worley Thomas rural 810-F-16


Youngsteadt F A res 13


Zellner Motor Co 39
Zimmerman B H rural 805-F-5
Zimmerman C E rural 805-F-11
Zimmerman Fred rural 805-F-12
Zimmerman J H rural 805-F-121
Zimmerman Jesse rural 805-F-35
Zoellner J E res 43

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