This is a list of the cemeteries located in Kiowa County, OK. Some are listed on the GNIS Government Mapping site on the Internet Others are from other sources, including Oklahoma Highway Dept. map, Kiowa County.

Cemetery Name Location

ANQUO MEMORIAL CEMETERY Three Miles east of Mountain View on Hwy. 9, north 1/2 mile, east 1/2 mile, north side. T8N; R14W; S4; Mountain View Twnshp.

CENTERVILLE One mile west of Hobart on Hwy. 9, south on paved road 20 miles, 1 mile east, south side. T3N; R18W; S.20; Mountain Park Twnshp.

EBENZER MENNONITE CEMETERY Three miles east of Gotebo on Hwy 9, 1 1/2 mile north, west side. T7N; R15W; S.7, Mountain View Twnshp.

ELMWOOD CEMETERY One mile east of Mountain View on hwy. 9, 5 1/2 miles south on Hwy. 115, 1/2 mile east, north side. T6N; R14W; S. 6, Mountain View Twnshp.

FAIRLAWN CEMETERY One mile east of Snyder on Hwy. 62 Bus., north side, T2N; R16W; S 18, Mountain Park Twnshp.

GOTEBO CEMETERY One mile east of Gotebo on Hwy. 9, T7N; R15W; S.16. Harrison Twnshp.

GREEN VALLEY CEMETERYOne mile east of Mountain View on Hwy 9, 13 miles south on Hwy 115, 1 1/2 miles east on Hwy 19, north side. T5N; R14W, S.9, Marshall Twnshp.

OLD GRISSOM Five miles NW of Rocky, Washita Co. on Rocky Lake property owned by Kiowa County

KIOWA TRIBAL BURIAL GROUND/ELK CREEK CEMETERY Four miles south of Hobart on paved road the locals call 'Ice Plant Rd.' 1/2 mile east. T6N, R18W.,S29, Hobart Twnshp.

LONE WOLF One mile east of Lone Wolf on Hwy. 9. T6N R19W S16, North side Dill Twnshp.

MOUNTAIN PARK One mile east of Hwy. 183 at Mountain Park, 1/2 mile north, west side. T3N R17W S20, Mountain Park Twnshp.

MOUNTAIN VIEW One mile west of Mountain View, on Hwy 9, about 1 1/2 mile north, east side of road T7N R15W S4 Mountain View Twnshp.

OAKDALE CEMETERY Three miles north of Mountain View,Hwy 115, west side.T8N R14W - Located across the river in Washita County, but, was 1st site for Mountain View

PLEASANT RIDGE CEMETERY Two miles west of Hobart on Old Hwy 9, 5 miles north of Hobart, paved road, east side, near Washita County Line. T8N R18W S1, Hobart Twnshp.

RAINY MOUNTIAN INDIAN MISSION CEMETERY Four Miles east of Gotebo on Hwy 9, 2 1/2 miles south on paved road, about 1/2 mile east, New Cemetery located north of Rainy Mountain Church.

OLD RAINY MOUNTAIN INDIAN MISSION CEMETERY Four Miles east of Gotebo on Hwy 9, 2 1/2 miles south on paved road, Old Cemetery just west of the Rainy Mountain Church. Both Old and New are Kiowa-Comanche-Apache Intertribal Cemeteries.

ROOSEVELT South end of Roosevelt on Hwy 183, 1/2 mile east, north side. T4N R17W S28 Otter Creek Twnshp

ROSE CEMETERY Two miles east Hobart on Hwy 9, mile north on Hwy 183 T6N R18W S4 Hobart Twnshp.

SADDLE MOUNTAIN INDIAN MISSION CEMETERY, 16 miles south of Mountain View on Hwy 115, to Saddle Mountain Store, 1 1/2 miles east, north side. T4N R18W S28 Marshall Twnshp. Kiowa-Comanche-Apache Intertribal Cemetery.

SAMONE CEMETERY Five miles east of Mountain View on Hwy 9, 1/2 mile north, 1/2 mile east, near Caddo County line. T8N R14W S8 Mountain View Twnshp. Kiowa-Comanche-Apache Intertribal Cemetery

SPRING HILL CEMETERY Four miles south of Cooperton on Hwy 54, mile east south side. T4N R16W S16 Cooper Twnshp

UNION DALE CEMETERY Three miles north of Cooperton on Hwy 54, 1 mile east north side, T5N R15W S8 Cooper Twnshp

WYATT CEMETERY Nine miles east of Hobart on Ozark Trail, south side.

The following 2 cemeteries are located in Tillman County. At one time the southern portion of Kiowa County declared itself a new county, Swanson. These cemeteries were in that area. After Swanson was rejoined to Kiowa, the county line changed slightly, so that now they are in Tillman County. They are listed here because of their relationship to Kiowa County.

OTTER CREEK CEMETERY Three miles south, 3 miles west south of Snyder.

ROGERS CEMETERY About Eight miles west of Snyder on Highway 62, then south 1/2 mile on N2190 Rd..


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