Estate of Andrew Prince
Habersham County, Georgia

Vouches No. 1, 1854 James Prince, Adm. To Ordinary on Recording
Return and Vouchers for1853 $201
Rew. Payment C. H. Sutton
No. 2 State of Tennessee. Bradley County

We the heirs of Daniel Prince, deceased, do hereby nominate and appoint Joseph Prince of Habersham County, Georgia, our agent in fact to demand and receive for us from one James Prince, Adm. Of Andrew Prince, deceased, a distributive which has descended to us from one Andrew Prince, late of the County of Habersham and State of Georgia and all
necessary receipts bonds and all --------- for us and in our names to execute, for
and about the same, and we do hereby notify and confirm all the lawful acting and
doing of our said agent in the premises, as fully as if we were present and doing the same ourselves, this December 30th, 1854.

Eleanor Prince
Joshua R.Prince
Rebecca A. Prince
Daniel P. Prince
Elinor C. Prince
Jepa W. Prince
Henry Prince
J. H. Barrett Wm. Britton