These pages list some of our Ashley lines. Some we have brick walls we are trying to punch a hole in, and maybe with your help, we can. The list starts with our earliest Ashley. If you need more information about them, or their siblings, children, etc., the addresses of the researcher is listed for your contact. Check out our Ashleys and their associated families. You might find you have a cousin here.

As you will see as more lines are posted, we have Ashley researchers in Canada, United States, and searchers in England. Some searchers are from Australia and New Zealand. Keep checking back, especially if you have an Ashley hiding somewhere in your tree. You might find his connections here. The same names are grouped together. If the dates on the ancestor are the same, the descendents listed are from various branches of that main tree. If the same name has different dates, they are different people.

Anne Elizabeth Ashley 1595-1630/31, England/John Cooper III, LuAn, "ann-ology"

Amy Ashley/Edward Moore, 1757 –aft. 1792, Imogene Bennett

Alsie Ashley, 1881 ?VA, GA?, Margalo Ashley-Farrand

Barbara Ashley/Edmond Duncan, 1823/30, KY, MO, IT, Neva Smith

Benbury Ashley 1814-169/70, NC, Kevin J. Ashley

Charles Ashley 1800-1818, GA,David Patrick,
Charles Ashley 1828-1899 Canada, NY, “m-sebok”

Clarence Ashley/Rebecca Baxter, 1805-1883, NC, KY, Joann Cummings

Ezekiel W. Ashley 1815, AL Gerald Ashley

George Washington Ashley1830-1862 NC,TX, Janet Lee,
George Washington Ashley/Nancy Ann Cllifton 1830-1862 NC, TX Janet Lee

Glen Thurlow Ashley, early 1900’s FL Lillian Heckman Llamas

Hiram Ashley/Margaret Parton, 1820-1862/70, Calhoun Co. AL, Keith Zamzow

James Ashley, Huron Co. OH in 1817 Raymond Tompkins
James Buchanen Ashley 1855, MS,Joan Hackworth
James Ashley ca 1796/1800 ?NC?/Nancy Shelton, Nona Nunnelly
James Ashley 1792 LA, MS/Mary "Polly" Nevill Timothy Ashley

John Ashley/Serina Fowler b. England, KY 1815, Annette Potts
John Ashley 1752-1852, NC, TN, Cindy Marie
‘Papa’ John Ashley, 1752-1852 NC, TN, Dixie McMillen
“Papa” John Ashley 1752-1852 NC, TN Glenn Selch
John Ashley 1755 NC/Polly ? , Glenna Ashley Hudson
John Ashley 1755 NC/Polly ? Sharon Ashley Lorance
John Ashley 1755, NC/Polly ? Steven Scott Ashley
John Ashley d. 1832/Elizabeth ? MS Laura Hair Duffy
John Ashley 1618, England, VA through Thomas 1650 VA, NC, and Isaac 1660 VA, MD
(Francis Ashley 1741 VA/Rachel Touchstone) John Whitsett Ashley
(James Ashley/Phoebe, 1788-aft.1850, SC,TN) Ethel Taylor
(James Ashley/Phoebe, 1788-aft.1850, SC,TN) Sandi Ashley Sutton

(Isaac Ashley 1660 VA, MD/Elizabeth ?) Kay Price
John Hale Ashley 1777, NY, IN/Elizabeth Johnson NJJOSU

Jordon Ashley, (Minister), 1846, NC, KY Ann Scott
Jordan Ashley 1801, NC Rita Fishman
Jordan Ashley 1801-1865, Adeline Mullins
Jordan Ashley 1801 NC, KY, Ed Day

Joseph Ashley, 1675-1754, MA, Scott Thomas Ashley
Joseph Ashley/Elizabeth Percival, 1700 MA, Paul Sweet

Joseph Ashley 1670-1750/Elizabeth Percival, MA Allen (Shirley) Ricketts
Joseph Ashley bef. 1755-c1820 NC Charlie Weaver
Joseph Ashley ca1745-50 NC Ron Blevins

Joshua Ashley Sr. bef. 1764-1842/Charlotte ? Marilyn Stoller

Lena Mary Ashley/James Thomas Harris ?-1927, CA Penny Evenson

Nancy Ashley/Patrick Shaw 1700’s NC, Carol

Nathaniel Ashley 1730-1800 NC, SC, GA/Jane Williams Jane Benson

Nicholas Ashley, 1775-1843, NY, Maureen "Mo" Langdon

Reuben Ashley SC/Minerva Amanda Dunlap Candace Gravelle

Robert Ashley Shirley Ashley Honore'
Robert Ashley/Mary Eddy, 1610-1682, Anita
Robert Ashley/Mary Eddy, 1660-1682, Mary Ann Burgert
Robert Ashley 1691-1763, England Megan Butler
Robert Perrin Ashley 1869-1946 AL, TX (mother Annie R. Ashley)/Alice Ann Elizabeth Ashley Marie Cherry Becker
Robert Ashley 1797-aft. 1860/Susannah Dial, SC, TN Theresa Ashley Kingsley

Sarah Ashley, 1847, TN, Sharon Henke
Sarah Paulina Ashley 1823-1866, KY-TX, Beth Williamson

Silvester Ashley 1820/25 Orange Co. NY, Gail Stanton

Squire Staggs Ashley 1808-1872 NC, TN, KY, AR, Mary Stuart

William Pinckney Ashley, Sr. 1761-1828, NC, AL, Lydia French
William Pinckney Ashley 1761-1828, NC, AL Jackie Ashley-Pace
William Pinckney Ashley 1761-1828, NC, AL Marie Cherry Becker

William Ashley, 1819-1853 Johnson CO. MD, William H. Ashley
William Ashley, 1800, MD, Jane Benson
William A. Ashley 1757-1838, Kent. Co. MD, Annette McClennen
William Ashley 1731? Somerset, England, Megan Butler
William Ashley, 1630, England, VA Frances Hall
William Ashley, 1783 NC/Elizabeth Calhoun Kellie
William Ashley, 1783 NC/Elizabeth Calhoun Charlie Weaver
William Ashley 1783, NC/Elizabeth Calhoun Lisa Ashley Farrimond
William Ashley, b. ?-1872-77 England/Lucy ? Rosemary Barling
William Ashley ca 1745-50 Ron Blevins
William H. Ashley 1792-1860/Anne Billington, NC, KY Barb Saylor


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