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Police verified that Jamie Grisim had been in school that day. She had maintained a savings account that was not touched prior to her disappearance. She was described as being very close to her sister and not being a runaway potential.

On May 1, 1972, several items belonging to Jamie, including her identification were located along side a road in the Dole Valley area of Northern Clark County. This was within a mile where 2 female homicide victims were found in a shallow grave on October 12, 1974, nearly three years after Jamie’s disappearance. There have been no signs of the victim over the past several years. A team of search dogs failed to turn up any sign of Jamie in the area where her identification was found, or where the bones of the other two victims were located.

Of the two female victims, one was identified as Carol Valenzuela, a victim of Ted Bundy. She had been placed there about a month after the other. One victim remains unidentified.

About 1976, a Clark County detective contacted Starr for Jamie’s dental records. He was the first one to tell her about finding Jamie’s ID in the woods, five months after her disappearance. Jamie’s dental records were compared to this victim and ruled out.

It wasn’t until 1988 that Starr found out that someone had been arrested and had been in prison for nearly a decade. The detective told her “they believed a particular person had killed her, but they would probably never find her body, because a road had been built where they thought she was.”

Between January 10, 1972 and October 1, 1974, eight young women had gone missing in Clark County. The bodies of five were found and determined to be victims of homicide, 2 escaped death at the hands of Warren Leslie Forrest, and one is still missing, Jamie Grisim, whom police believe was his first victim.

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