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One of the most dramatic stories that came from the Snyder tornado of May, 1905, was that of Professor Charles Landon Hibbard, one of the town's educators. Hibbard's parents were visiting him. When it became apparent that a storm was coming, he gathered his four children, his wife and aged parents together and started for the cellar. His parents could not move swiftly, neither could the smaller children. Lloyd, the 12 year old son was sent ahead to open the cellar door. The remainder of the family came on toward the cellar as the din of the approaching storm grew louder. The entire family, except for Lloyd and a brother Edward, died before they reached shelter.

By May of 1927 Edward Landon Hibbard had grown up, married Esther McKenszie, and lived in Kansas City, MO, where Chuck was born. The family eventually ended up on the west coast where Chuck attended San Jose State. After retiring from his business in Washington state in 1999 , Chuck and wife Ginny moved to Redding, CA. Shortly after, he was diagnosed with cancer and passed away March 7, 2003 at his home in Redding.

Ginny Hibbard has begun a project called "Chuck's Hats For Chemo". One person Ginny met, who was taking chemo when Chuck was, died two weeks after him. Because Chuck and Joyce wore hats Ginny had made, it gave her the idea of starting this project. The goal of "Chuck's Hats For Chemo" is to knit or crochet hats from scraps od yarn and to have the hats given away free of charge to chemo patients. This is not for any cancer society's distribution nor is it their project. They have their own. The hats are created and given away out of the goodness of a person's heart.

A patient receiving chemotherapy tends to be very cold, with losing much of his/her body heat from the head. Ginny began knitting hats for chemo patients while she sat many hours in the hospital during Chuck's last three extended trips to Redding Medical Center. People began asking where they could buy the hats so they too could feel warm and lose the sight of either no, or very thin expanse, of hair on their heads. This gave Ginny the idea for the project. at first it was just she that was knitting, but she thought possibly others would like to jump on the bandwagon too if they knew about the need.

Chuck wore his hat 24 hours a day, most days, while Joyce wore her hat, except when sleeping. Cancer disease can be very expensive, even with insurance paying for much of the treatment. Insurance companies usually do not pay any percentage for out of pocket funds, including many prescription and over-the-counter drugs, medical supplies used at home or hats for mental or physical comfort.

"Chuck's Hats For Chemo" are either knitted or crocheted from scrap yarn from a single pattern. Those hats that are made in an area will stay in the same area for their chemo patients. (Hats made in Kiowa County, stay in Kiowa County.) All hats are to be given to chemo patients free of charge either through hospitals or doctors who administer chemo to patients. Making a hat is one less item that is an out of pocket expense. And also, as important , help the patient feel a little less helpless with their situation. Cancer, just the word alone, is frightening in itself. These little scrap hats are a way of saying to a patient, someone cares and loves you.

Anyone wanting more information, patterns, or having a desire to become involved with a worthwhile project, please contact Ginny Hibbard Please mention "Chuck's Hats For Chemo" in the subject line.

Ginny Hibbard and I have had a correspondence for several months. This is a marvelous way to tell cancer patients "someone cares". Chuck was a fighter, but in the end, he lost the battle. This project is Ginny's Memorial to Chuck and his fight. The above photo was taken just a few days before his death. If you have a club or church group and have been looking for a worthwhile projuct, this is it! Knit or crochet those scraps of yarn at night while you watch tv. Remember, those hats will stay in YOUR community, no matter where you live. Cancer is not a respector of areas, states or persons. It can happen anywhere and to anyone. Give the gift of caring to someone in your area. Contact Ginny.

Ginny has a new website for Chuck's Hats . She has some pattern instructions and on her link page are links to other patterns. Please visit her site and spread the word.....and the hats.... If you happen to live near a cancer center for children, let your imagination go wild and decorate the hats for the kids!

Ethel Taylor, Kiowa County, OK

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