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Tracing this family has been a daunting task. They appear for a while then vanish again. There is strong circumstantial evidence that this family may be the Crisp line in NC that traces back to old William Crisp born ca 1695-1700 in Edgecombe County. It is suspected, but has not been proven by documentation, that Moses P. Crisp is a grandson of William Crisp, born ca 1695-1700, NC. His father may have been William's son William, born ca 1721, Martin Co. NC, with his first wife, who may have been a Mansil, due to the use of this name in following generations.

Prescott has records in NC and TN up till about 1826, then disappears. He also had a wife named Susannah. Then Moses P begins to show up in records first in GA, in 1828, when he divorces his wife Susannah, then marries a Lydia. The destiny of Susannah is unknown. They then show up in Hardeman Co. TN, where Moses dies in late 1839. So far, there has not been anything found to absolutely state that these two, Prescott and Moses P. are the identical person. A recent find of a deed in Stewart Co. TN, where Prescott has records, shows his sons, William Cherry, Mansil and Ezekiel buying land 2 miles west of Dolan.

William Cherry had 2 brothers, Mansel and Ezekiel. In 1828, their father Moses divorced their mother Susannah. It appears in the newspaper and the court records of Richmand Co. GA.

With a middle name of Cherry, it is possible that Susannah's maiden name was Cherry. This was the way of the old naming pattern used by our ancestors. There is some evidence that Cherry families married into the Crisp family back into the 1700's.There are a number of records, deeds, etc., with Crisp and Cherry names. Family lore says William was 1/2 Cherokee.


Cordelia Amanda Ivey, according to the census was born in GA, 1810 +/-. There are a number of Ivey/Ivie families in the GA land lotteries and other sources, but so far, her family has not been found. Cordelia was Cherokee, according to an old letter. There were Ivys listed as Cherokee.

Family lore says Cordelia's parents were named Thedford/Thetford. Supposedly, Her mother was full and her father was 1/2 blood. Her grandparents name was Peachlin, (Pitchlynn?) If this is so, perhaps she was Choctaw. Until her parents can be found, this cannot be determined.

The last record Cordelia and William is the 1860 Clark County, AR census. William died 1868 or after, as there are Land tax records on him for 1867-68. in Clark Co. AR. Neither show up in the 1870 census. It has not been found when Cordelia moved to Grayson County TX, but, she is shown in the 1880 census living with her daughter Tennessee and family. She died January 7, 1884 and is buried in Washburn Cemetery, north of Sherman, near the town of Bells, Texas.

By 1870, Josephine, Susan, Ezekiel and Amanda are living in Grayson County, TX with a Sarah Crisp, b. 1830 GA. This Sarah may be an older sister, sister-in-law, or aunt. Brother Benjamin and family are living nearby.


The family of Ezekiel Cherry's wife, Virginia Katherine Warrick has not been found. Kate, as she was called was born, according to census, in TX and family sources report her father to be Albert or Bud Warrick. She is supposed to have been born in the Waco, Texas area, May 2, 1851. Her father was born in TN and mother in MO.

Recent information indicates her father to be James Warick, born 1818, VA and mother Rachel born 1810 TN. In 1850 he was living in Cherokee County TX, 3 counties east of Waco (McLenden). Kate of course was not listed. There were 4 siblings listed; Sarah, Jefferson, Jacob and Mary, born between 1840 & 1847 in TN. Apparently Rachel dies prior to 1853, as in December James marries Rebecca Ravia, widow of the murdered Santiago Ravia of spain, Mexico then Texas.

Neither James nor Rebecca has been found in 1860. By 1870 Rebecca is again using the Ravia name and in living in Grayson Co. TX in close proximity to the Crisps. The 1870 census lists a Virginia age 13 in her household. This age does not fit with later dates, but many clues point to this being the right Virginia. Until/unless she can be found in 1860, it will remain a puzzle as to who her parents were. Was she born between the 1850 census and 1853 when James married Rebecca, making her his and Rachel's child? Or was she born after 1853 and is Rebacca and James' child. Santiago Ravia was murdered probably between April 1852 and December 1853, so could she be the daughter Santiago and Rebecca, not born until after James and Rebecca married?


John Henry Morgan Tennell was born October 21, 1861 in Nelson Co. KY, the son of George, b. 1812, Nelson County KY and Berintha Grubbs b. 1824, Anderson co. KY. He was the youngest child and his siblings were Victoria Ann, Alexander, Zachery, Benjamin, Emily, Elizabeth, and William. He is listed with his family in the 1870 Breckinridge Co. KY census, Clifton Mill Dist. Webster P. O. as 6 years old, b. KY, in school.. After that he has not been found in any census. Family lore says he was Cherokee and French, that he moved to TX, then into Indian Territory. He is buried at Allen, Pontotoc Co. OK, d. June 3, 1938.

There seems to be the possibility that John was married 2 times, 1st wife name unknown. He has not been found in 1880 or 1900. His children, born in TX according to census are; George 11/7/1889, Emma 3/15/1891, Susan Elizabeth 11/3/1892, Choctaw Nation, I. T., James 1/14/1895, Anna B. 1/11/1897, Rella A. 10/23/1899; Benjamin 3/18/1902, Edward 9/8/1904, Reuben Arthur 3/29/1908 OK, Gladstone 2/12/1911. He married Mattie Bell Watters/Waters after 1900.

His family can be traced back to Francis Tennell b. abt. 1720 Stafford Co. VA, d. April 11, 1777, Prince William Co. VA.


Reuben Reeves Watters was born 1842 in AL. His parents were James M and Susan S. (Reeves?) Watters. He was the 2nd child and siblings were; S. B., Amanda C., Francis M., Michael b. Thomas J., William H, Mary A. E., and Martha. He served in the CSA during the War Between The States. He joined the Confederate Army, March 29, 1862 at Perrysville, Perry Co. AL at age 18. Private, Co. K, 28 Alabama Infantry, Capt. Harris' Co., Frazer's Reg't. Alabama Volunteers. He was signed by Capt. C. R. Harris, for 3 years or the war. He is listed present muster rolls March 29 - to Jan. 1863. He appears on a register of Prisoners of War, being captured at Stones River, Murfreesboro TN Jan. 9, 1863, sent to Camp Morton IN Feb. 27, 1863. It is then noted he was paroled at Louisville, KY no date, but was prior to Dec. 31 1863. He is then listed on muster roll Dec. 31, 1863 to Feb. 27, 1864, when he re-enlisted for the war. He is listed again on muster rollApril 1, 1864, near Dalton GA.

He is then listed on the muster roll as 4th Corp., Co. F, 24th Reg't Alabama Vols. This is the muster roll of Officers and men paroled in accordance with the terms of a Military Convention entered into the 26th day of April, 1865, between General Joseph E, Johnston, Commandin, Confederate Army and Major General w. T. Sherman, Commandin United States Army in North Carolina. Paroled at Greensboro NC May 1, 1865

Reuben married Josephine Bennett, b. 8/8/1850, Perry Co. AL, on 2/2/1867, Radfordsville, Perry Co. AL. They are listed still in AL in 1870 with Susan, 2 and Martha (Mattie) 1. By 1873 they had moved to Cook Co. TX where they appear in the 1880 census, with children born in TX, Zachary, William T., Bulah and Florella. Susan had apparently died and Mattie was 10 yrs. old. By 1900, they moved to Choctaw Nation, I. T. and are listed in the census as Reuben 57, Josie 40, Mattie B. 30 (single), Zach 27, Beaulah 25, Willie 22, Rilla 20, Dennis 18 and Robert 11. This is why I believe John Tennell was married before he and Mattie married.

Reuben died 9/18/1903 and Josephine died 8/20/1923. They are buried at Allen, Pontotoc Co. OK.

Reuben's family can be traced back to Samuel W. Watters, 1775 VA, died 9/17/1848, buried in Watters Family Cemetery, Perry Co. AL. Samuel's mother was Nome Ann Holmes, (father's name unknown), b. abt. 1750, d. after 1818, buried in Watters Family Cemetery, Perry Co. AL

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