These Deeds - Land Records have been found by Crisp researchers. They have just the important material listed. Perhaps one of your ancestors were a part of these transactions. The sign - L/ is used to designate money amount in "pounds"

Index and Abstracts of Deeds of Record of Pitt Co. NC, Vol. 1, 1761 - 1785

DB F, p179 4-13-1776
Grantor: Thomas Wheatley; Grantee: Samuel Wheatley; 50 Ac. Value L/50
Wit: Samuel Crisp, Benjamin Crisp, Lydia Wheatley

DB F, p334 1-22-1778
Grantor: Joshua Taylor ( from Martin Co.); Grantee: Thomas Whitley; 640 Ac. Value L/600
Wit: Fran Crisp, Samuel Wheatley

DB F p503 9-1-1778
Grantor: William Crisp; grantee: Francis Crisp; 100 Ac. Value L/50
Wit: Jesse Crisp, Samuel Crisp

DB C p145, 11-0-1764
Grantor: Francis Hobson; Grantee: Abia Cox; 350 Ac., Value L/15
Adjoining William Crisp, John brown

DB C p350, 9-21-1766
Grantor: William Crisp; Grantee: Simon Prescott; 100 Ac. Value L/15

DB G P178, 10-21-1782
Grantee: Francis Crisp; 100 AC.
Chain bearers: Joel Whitfield, Samuel Whitley, mentioned: Alexander Whitley, Robert Williams, William Pulle

DB D p102, 1-25-1769
Grantor: Abia Cox (Beaufort Co.) Grantee: Robert Williams; 350 Ac. Value L/40
adjoining William Crisp; Wit: Francis Hobson, James May, Jr., Joseph Little

DB G p111, 10-21-1782
Grantee: Godfrey Stancil; 126 Ac.

Mary Crisp, Stansel William mentioned: Cottenhead, James Osborn, Luke bearers:>
Vol. II

DB N p303, 12-1-179?
Grantor: Willis Williams; Grantee: Reuben Manning; 90 Ac. Value L/65
Wit: Samuel Crisp, Delila Crisp

DB L p322, 7-3-1786
Grantor: John Prescott & Salle Prescott, wife (Beaufort Co.); Grantee: William Tucker
1/3 of 100 Ac., Value, L/9+; Former owner Simon Prescott, desceased
Wit: Ezekiel Crisp, Thomas Baden

DB O p23, 9-12-1795
Grantor: Winney Gibbs; Grantee: Samuel Wheatley; Negroes, value L/50
Mentioned: William Crisp, desc'd, father of Winney Gibbs; Frances Crisp mother of Winney Gibbs

DB O p29, 7-22-1796
Grantor: Lewis Price & Lydia Price; Grantee: Samuel Wheatley; ?Ac. Value L/31
Mentioned: William Crisp, Desc'd. & Frances Crisp, Desc'd, grandparents of Lewis and Lydia Price. Wit: Samuel Wheatley, Thomas Wheatley

DB O p246, 3-14-1798
Grantor: Lewis Price; Grantee: Samuel Crisp (Edgecombe Co.) ? Ac. Value L/15
Mentioned: Susannah Prescott, former widow, now wife of Robert Williams:
Wit: William Crisp, Frances Crisp

DB O p252, 12-30-1797
Grantor: Lewis Price & Lydia Price, wife; Grantee: Samuel Cherry; 1/3 estate of Francis Crisp Value $133.00; Former owner: Francis Crisp, father of Lydia Price

DB O p249, 8-24-1798
Grantor: William Lewis & Dellilah Lewis; Grantee: Samuel Cherry; ? Ac. Value $135.00
Former Owner; Francis Crisp, father of Dellilah Lewis: Wit: Samuel Crisp, Mary Crisp

DB N p422, 12-0-1795
Grantor: Whitley Andrews (Edgecombe Co.); Grantee: Wheatley Gibbs; 100 Ac. Value $50.00
Adjoining William M. Grist; Wit: Jesse Crisp, Samuel Crisp

DB L p321, 6-1-1787
Grantor: Nancy Prescott; Grantee: William Tucker; 1/3 of 100 Ac. Value L/9+
Former owner, Simon Prescott, desc'd: Wit: Samuel Crisp, Lydia Crisp

DB L p320, 3-8-1788
Grantor: William Tucker; grantee: Samuel Crisp; 100 Ac. Value L/66
Wit: Samuel Whaetley, Samuel Whithurst

DB 0 p259, 3-16-1793
Grantor: Benj. Atkinson, merchant: Grantee: Samuel Crisp (Martin Co.) Negro Value L/200.00
Wit: Reuben Manning, Levi Andrews

DB O p430, 5-27-1800
Grantor: Wheddon Andrews (Edgecombe Co); Grantee: Samuel Crisp; 49 Ac. Value L/49.00

DB N p302, 3-10-1795
Grantor: Nathan Stansell; Grantee: Whitdon Andrews; 126 Ac. Value L/63.00
Adjoining William Stansell Crisp; Wit: Nathan Williams, Pheby Williams

DB L p109, 6-20-1761
Grantor: Earl Granville; Grantee: John Norris (Beaufort Co.); 700 Ac. 10 shillings
Adjoining William Crisp

EdgeCombe County, NC Deed Books

DB 9 p542 1-5-1801
Grantor: Samuel Crisp; Grantee: Samuel Wheatley; 1/3 interest in Negro boy named Dempsey

DB 10 p65 1-5-1801
Grantor: Delilah Lewis, wife of William Lewis, Pitt Co. NC: Grantee Samuel Crisp
1/3 interest in Negro boy named Dempsey, who's legacy was received from William Crisp

DB 9 p 546 12-1-1800
Grantor: John Savage & Frances Savage, wife: Grantee: Samuel Whitley; 1/3 interest in Negro boy named Dempsey. This interest was allotted to Frances Savage from her grandfather, William Crisp.

Kinfolks of Edgecombe Co. NC 1788-1855

DB 13-371, p 88 2/15/1810
Grantor: Prescutt Crisp & Wife Susannah Crisp, Grantee: William M. Crisp 165 ac. Value L/150
Wit: Lettie B. Barafield

DB 19-508, p 190 4/18/1823
Grantor: Prescutt Crisp of Stuart Co. TN, Grantee ? 4/6 interest in land of William Cherry, desc'd.

Pitt Co. Deeds, Vol. IV

DB EE p. 1245/6/1823
Grantor - John House of TN Grantee Prescott Crisp Negro $300.00
Wits: John Rollings, John Taylor

DB CC p 397 4/22/1824
Grantor - Prescott Crisp Grantee - Benjamin Wilkerson Negro $300.00
Wits: John Bowers, Richard Carney

DB CC p 403 2/3/1824
Grantor - John Bowers, Jr. Grantee - John Bowers. SR 100 ac. $400.00
Wits: Wm W. Andrews, Prescut Crisp

Stewert/Stuart Co. TN

DB 4 p 57 12/21/1810
Grantor; John Brown Grantee; Prescott Crisp, 640 ac. Value, $640.00.
Wit: Bryant Bird, Samuel Ross, Thomas Ross.

Deed Book D, page 440 11/27/1812
Grantor; Prescott Crisp Grantee; John Williams 280 ac. Value $200.00
Wit: Jesse Jackson William Jackson

Deed Book D, Page 471 8/19/1812
Grantor: Prescott Crisp, Grantee; Thomas Ross 30 acres, Value $60.00
Wit:, Bryan Byrse John Byrse

Deed Book D, page 475 11/28/1812
Grantor; Prescot Crisp Grantee Jesse Jackson 105 ac. and 47 poles, . Value $157 1/2
Wit: William Jackson, John Williams

Deed Book E, page 39 8/16/1813
Grantor; Henry Pugh Grantee; Prescot Crisp 75 Ac. Value $360.00
Wit: William Campbell Nathan Ross

Deed Book E, page 14, 8/16/1813
Grantor; Prescot Crisp Grantee; Henry Pugh 297 ac. Value $568.00
Wit: Nathan Ross William Campbell

Deed Book E, Page 307 Nov. 7, 1815,
There is a deed from ThomasBuckingham, sheriff to John Bailey, in which a judgement was obtained by Prescott Crisp and William Cherry, against Kinion Edwards for the sum of thirty seven dollars and fifty-three and one third cents. In order to satisfy the judgement, a tract of land containing seventy-three acres adjoining John McNairy's and conveyed from William Rascoe, was sold at public action to the highest bidder which was John Bailey.

Deed Book E, page 479 10/27/1817
Grantor; Prescot Crisp, Stewart Co. TN Grantee: William Polk, Wake Co. NC 150 ac Value $ 250.00

Deed Book O, page 89 11/23/1818
Grantor; John Williams Stewart CO. TN Grantee; Prescot Crisp, Lawrence Co. Missouri Territory, 212 ½ ac, Value $800.00
Wit: Jesse Jackson Adin Jones

Deed Book O, page 100 12/3/1818
Grantor: Richard Fletcher and Simon Fletcher Stewart Co. TN, Grantee; Prescott Crisp. Lawrence Co. Missouri Territory, 100 ac. Value $600.00
Wit: John Bailey William Cherry

Deed Book O, Page 314 8/7/1819
Grantor Prescot Crisp Grantee; William Bennett 202 ½ ac. Value $525.00
Wit: Thomas Wyns Henry Wyns

Deed Book O, Page 220 2/17/1820
Grantor; Thomas Boyt Grantee; Prescot Crisp 50 ½ ac. Value $120.00
Wit: W. Williams Henry L. Wall

In Deed Book 7, page 26 and p. 104, Elizabeth DOWNS purchased some
property, and then gave it to her granddaughter, Elizabeth, the wife of
Prescott CRISP. This was about 1815, but I didn't record the date. This
Elizabeth DOWNS was an older lady by this time, if she had a granddaughter
grown and married, and she was a widow, and thus could purchase property on
her own, but I don't know more about her. But I think this is your same
Prescott Crisp. (Sent by a lady in Stewart CO. TN.

Stewart County Court Minutes

Prescott Crisp, deed of conveyance, to Allin Jones, 37 1/2 ac.
Wit: Emanual Jones

Prescott Crisp, deed of Conveyance, to Jaret Crisp, 75 ac.
Wit: Emanual Jones

Prescott Crisp, deed of conveyance, to Adlin Jones, 37 1/2 ac.

Apparently, Prescott traveled back to TN in 1829 to dispose of property he had there, as he was in GA in 1828 & 1830 census. There is a gap of records in TN for him between 1820 and 1829. Deed records show him doing business in NC during the 1823-1824. An 1818 deed record, Stewert Co. TN show him as resident of Lawrence Co., Missouri Territory.

Deed, Stewart Co. TN, Oct. 15, 1823

Grantor:, Samuel V. D. Stout, Davidson CO. TN Grantees; William C Crisp, Mansil Crisp and Ezekiel Crisp, Stewart Co. TN, 100 ac. Value $20.31
Wit: Phillip Hover, Will Monohan,

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