NOTE: For more indepth information regarding this era in Indian Territory during the Civil War follow these links to books regarding the Native Americans in this period.

Shifting Winds of War: Indian Territory, 1861 - 1865

Indian Territory 1861-1865: The Forts, The Battles, The Soldiers

Available in paperback, a reprint of Dust in the Wind: The Civil War in Indian Territory

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"Dust In The Wind "


Welcome Visitor! Come sit a bit and learn about an area in the Civil War that has not been visited very much.

The movies, television, books and other media have told much about this period in our country. Those stories are concentrated east of the Mississippi where the famous battles of Gettysburg, Fredericksburg, Generals Grant and Lee led the Armies of the Union and Confederacy. But, not much is known about 1861-1865 west of the Mississippi. Movies and books have woven fiction and non-fiction stories in a way that when a person thinks about the Civil War, it appears to have only happened in the east, and nothing about the Native Americans that fought.

I grew up in Southwestern Oklahoma, the area that was the Kiowa-Comanche-Apache Reservation. The history books of Oklahoma touched only lightly on the Civil War period. Of course, there was mention of General Stand Watie, the Cherokee soldier who was the last field General to cease fighting, but again, not a lot about him.

A few years ago, I began the search for my ancestors. I discovered I had 14 family members that had served during that time. I had grandfathers on both sides of the War. I began to read more about that period in our history.

Since I am of Cherokee ancestory, and grew up in Oklahoma, this was an area I became very interested in. More will be added as I find it. When I became interested in this project, my memory of Oklahoma History was rather vague, as it has been a long time since my school days of Kiowa County. So I started with a book from the library on Oklahoma History, and searched for others about that period of time in Indian Territory. I read the books listed below to find information about the Civil War years. They are available through your local libraries. The Interlibrary Loan System is a fantastic thing. When you can't go a thousand miles to a library for the books you need, they can bring them to you!

If you will click on this link, your visit will begin. Thank you, and come again.

Original Poem by Thomas E. Guinn, submitted by Anthony Jones, The Gray Riders

Are you looking for information about an Indian soldier than may have fought in Indian Territory? Post a query and perhaps some of the visitors to these pages can help. This page is for queries regarding the soldiers that fought in Indian Territory, only. I do not have the resources to answer your questions, but hopefully other visitors can help. When you post a name, capitalize it for easier recognition. Spell it as close as you can. If you are searching for family, remember to check the Guest Book. Sometimes queries are posted there also.

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Jim Martin has another very good Civil War In Indian Territory Message Board. Check this out for info.

The stories of these troopers in that War have been honored with some great awards. With time, perhaps they will have the recognition they deserve in history. These Awards are dedicated to those troopers, both Indian and White, that fought FOR THE CAUSE. Thank you, to those that presented them, and please be sure to visit their websites and sign their guest books.

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