The Gray Riders

Out of the sunrise, at the dawn of day;

Thunder of hoof beats, coming our way.

A sight such as this, we had to behold;

Not in a lifetime, is what we were told.


Off in the distance, come now what may;

Like out of the past, these riders in gray.

It never could happen, nor should it be;

Yet we behold, and now we could see.


Horsemen they rode, from out of the night;

In glory and honor, from out of the night.

They passed us so bravely, as never before;

We couldn't help wonder, what was in store.


They rode with the wind, with little to say;

These riders of Dixie, at the coming of day.

Now we were seeing, in galloping stride;

Power and glory, of our Southern pride.


See the gray riders, come like a crowd;

Their gallant legions, make us so proud.

If ever we eed them, this is the day;

Ride like the wind, into the fray.


Heavenly father, grant us the might;

Roll back our foe, in panic and flight.

God in your wisdom, permit us the way;

Send us our soldiers, the Riders in Gray.

Written by Thomas E. Quinn.