Coos County's War Between The States Veterans

This list of the War Between The States Veterans was put together from visits to several cemeteries and a copy of the 1890 reconstructed census, which showed military data. Quite possibly some have been missed, perhaps that had come to Coos County after 1865 but passed away before 1890 and are in unmarked graves at some of the cemeteries. If you have lost track of your WBTS veteran, perhaps he came here?

United States (Union) Soldiers

ABBOTT, James A. Co. J. 1st Ore. Inf.
AKER, John H., Co. A, 2 Minn. Cav
ALLENBAUGH, S. A 2 IA L.A. (Light Artillary?)
AMEN, Francis, Co. H, 148th Ill. Inf.
AMSTEIN, Ernest, Co. F, 6th Wisc. Inf.
ANDERSON, William, Co. K. 1st Conn. Hvy. Art.
AVERILL, William H. Co. F, 1st Ore. Inf.
AVERY, George H. Co. S, 56th NY Inf.
BACAS, Henry, Co. A, 1st Mich. Cav.
BAKER, Wentworth V., Co. K, 86th ?? Inf. Musician
BALDWIN, Henry, Co. A, 1st Ore. Cav.
BARRINGTON, James P. Corp., Co. G, 9 Ohio Cal.
BARTELL, John, Co. F, 1st Ore. Cav.
BARTLOM, Calvin C. 1st Ore. Cav.
BATES, John, Co. K, 1st Ore. Inf.
BEACH, Frank R. 2nd. Mass. Art.
BENTZ, John Co. E, 103rd NY Inf.
BERRY, Joseph F. Co. A, 33rd Maine Inf.
BERRY, William USN, Gunboat
BILLINGS, Timothy, Co. H, 4 Iowa Cav.
BINGAMAN, Samuel C. Co.A, 2 MO S.M. Cav
BLOOD, George F. USA
BLUMENROTHER, Charles, Drummer, Co. H. 68 NY Inf.
BOONE, Gershom, CO. E, 51st Ill. Inf. Musician
BOOTH, John P. Co. B 114 ILL Inf.
BRADY, Charles, USA
BRIGGS, Leonard, Co. G, 46th Penn. Inf.
BROWN, Mansier R. Co. D, 1st Minn Cav.
BROWNSON, Henry H. Co. K, 8th Ill. Cav.
BUEL, Alonzo L. Co. F, 1st Regt. Kansas Vol.
BUEL, James B. Co. H, 1st Regiment Inf Kansas Vol
BUNCH, james C. Co. C, 17th Kansas Inf.
BUTTON, James A. Co. M, 12 MO Inf.
CAMPBELL, John F. Co. B, 1st Ore. Inf.
CAMPBELL, Robert J. Co. 46th Iowa Inf.
CAMPBELL, Sylvester, Co. E, 2nd Maine Inf.
CARL, August J, Co. F,1st Missouri Home Guards
CASEY, Patrick, Co. D, 4th Colo. Inf.
CATHCART, Simon R., Co. A, 1st Ore. Cav.
CHANDLER, Luther P. Co. H, 5th Iowa Cav.
CLINTON, James A. Co. B Bom. Rot. Cav.
COATS, Thomas U.S. Navy (same old type CW stone)
COLIN, Charles A. Co. E, 6th Mass Inf.
CONNER, Wesley, Co. F, 38th Indiana Inf.
COOK, John G. Co. A, 38th Iowa Inf.
COPELEY, William, USA.
CORMAN, Edward, Co. G, 9th Kansas Inf.
CORY, Aaron, Co. A, 7th Wisc. Inf.
COVELL, Charles E. Co. D, 44 IL Inf
COX, Henry A. Co.F, 4 IL Cav.
COX, Isham, Co. E, 25th MO Inf.
COX, James W. Co. E, 25th MO Inf.
CROY, Jacob Co. F , 4 Regt. Minn Inf. 1835-1904
CROY, Jacob, Co. F, 4th Wis. Inf.
CUSTER, William A. Co. I, 46 Ind. Inf.
DAVIDSON, E. G. Co. F. 14 IL Inf.
DAVIS, George R. Co. E, 42nd Wisc. Inf. Drummer
DODGE, Orville, Co. A, 1st Ore. Cav.
DRANE, Walter, Co. I, 3rd Kentucky Cav.
DREW, David, USA
EASTER, Jacob P., 24th Ohio Light Art.
EDMUNDS, Charles T. Co. D, 8th Iowa Inf.
EIGSON John (aka Joseph ERLING) USN, "Vermont"
ELLIOT, Charles, O. Co. H 201 A(?) Inf.
ELLIOT, James K. P. Co. E, 27th Regt. Missouri Vol.
ELROD, William F. Co. A, 1st Iowa Cav.
ENDICOT, Solomon S. Co. F 43rd Minn. Inf.
ENDICOTT, Jacob J., Co. G, 1st Missouri Cav.
FARRELL, Henry, Co. G, 10th MO Cav.
FELTER, John W. Co. L 2nd Iowa Cav.
FERRY, James L., Co. B, 136th Penn. Inf.
FILLMORE, Millard, Co. M, 16 Kans. Cav
FISH, Hiram H, Co. H, 6th Minn. Inf.
FLANDERS, Alfred Co. M, 1 Mich. Vet. Cav.
GEE, George A. USA
GILBERT, Joseph G., Colorado Cav. US
GOOD, Edward, Co. C, 1 OR Cav.
GOODMAN, John P., Co. B, 114th Ill. Inf.
GORDON, Edward S. Co. C 8th MO. Inf.
GRAHAM, albert, Co. F, 13th Kansas Inf.
GRAY, Nathan Co. D, 74th Indiana Inf.
GREENE, James B. Co. H. 14th Iowa Inf.
GRIFFIN, David, Co. L, 9th Iowa Inf.
GROSS, John B., Co. D, 2nd Iowa Inf.
GUPTELL, Stephen H. Co. B & D, 12th Maine Inf.
HALCOMB, Edward, Co. A, 30th Ind. Inf.
HALSTEAD, David H. Co. E, 4th Iowa Inf.
HAMPTON, Martin W, Co. L 1st Mich. Lt. Art.
HARLOCKER, Lightner Co. G, 47th Wisc. Inf.
HARRINGTON, Stephen, Co. I, 60th Ohio Inf.
HARRIS, Venner, Co. E, 9th Mich. Inf.
HASKIN, Benoni, H., Co. H, 13th US Inf.
HATCHER, Hiram, Co. E, 2 MO Cav.
HAWES, William CO. R, 1st Mass. Cav.
HENRY, Antle Co. A, 1 Wis. N. A.
HERMANN, Karle Co. G, 9th US Inf.
HICKS, John R., Co. F, 19th Kentucky Inf.
HILL, Benjamin F. 77th Ohio Inf.
HITE, William M., Co. K, 118th Indiana Inf.
HOLLISTER, John C. Co. C, 123rd NY Inf.
HOPPA, Monroe C., Co. C, 1st Wash. Inf.
HUGHES, Freeman S. Co. G 150th Ohio Vol.
JARVIS, Fred, Co. F. 5th Missouri Inf.
JEFFERS, Frederick Co. E, 3rd NY Inf.
JOHNSON, William, USN, "Saginaw"
JONES, Leroy Co.F, 1 OR. Inf
JONES, Milo, Co. C, 36th Wisc. Inf. Piper
JUDD, James W. Co. G, 147th Ill. Inf.
KELLY, Thomas, Capt. Of "Franklin"
KENNEDY, William F. Co. G., 1st Ore. Cav.
KUDENA, John, Co. G, 52 Iowa Inf.
LAWRENCE, B---- B. 35th NY Inf.
LEISE, Peter F. Co. F, 18th Ohio Inf.
LETT, Joseph, Co. E, 51st Indiana Inf.
LEWIS, Nelson, Co. H. 23rd Maine Inf.
LIGGETT, C. W. Co. H, 45 KY Inf.
LIGHTNER, J. R. Co. F, 12th Ill Inf.
LILLY, Albert T., Co. K 153rd NY Inf
LINN, John H., Co. A, 6th Ark. Regt.
LITTLEFIELD, Roger S. Co. L, 1 Mass. H. A. (Heavy Artillary)
LOFT, Frank F., Co. C, 3rd Calif. Cav.
MACK, Andrew J. Co. K 94th Ohio Inf.
MATSON, Albert, USN "Indepence"
MAVITZ, Robert, Co. C, 12th Indiana Inf
McCLOSKEY, Solomon J, CO. K, 1st Minn. Cav.
McCUEN, Co. A, 6th NH Inf.
McDUFFEE, Walter E. Co. H, 4th Iowa Inf.
McMAKIN, James Co. G, 47th WISC, Inf.
McNAMEE, Edward, Capt. "Mohegan" USN
McNAUGHTON, James, Co. A, 1st California Cav.
MEREEN, Samuel Co. R, 19th Maine Inf.
MILLER, Frank M. Co. G, 50th MO. Inf
MILLER, Samuel P Co. B. 118th Illinois Inf.
MILLER, Simeon, 102nd NY Inf.
MILLER, W. T. Co. E, 5 MO S.M. Cav
MILTENBERGER, John, Co. K 30th Indiana Inf.
MONOCH, Peter, Co. D, 12th Mass. Cav.
MOON, Noah W., Co. M 4th Kansas Vol.
MORRIS, John E., Co. D, 132nd NY Inf.
MORRIS, John, Co. C, 8th Calif. Inf.
MORSE, Adalbert D. Co. B. 9th Maine Inf.
MORTIMER, George S., Co. G, 136th Penn
MOSS, James M. Co. E, 1st Ark. Inf.
NICHOLS, Edmond, Co. I, 109th NY Inf.
NICHOLS, Henry H. Co. G, 46th Penn Inf.
NICHOLS, Peter L. Co. C, 154th NY Inf.
NICHOLS, Titus V. Co. G, 46th Penn. Inf.
NOBLE, William, Co. C. ?? USA
NORTON, George W. Co. B, 38th Wisc. Inf.
NOSLER, John H. Co. L, 12th MO Cav.
NOSLER, William H. Co. D, 2nd Iowa Cav.
NOTLEY, William, Co. A, 42nd Ill Inf.
NOYES, Joseph F. Co. A, 5th Ohio Inf.
OSBORN, A. R. Co.F, 1 OR. Inf.
PAINER, L. L. B. Co. F, 28 Wis. Inf
PALMER, Joseph A. Co. B, 1st Rhode Island Inf.
PARMSE, William USN, "St. Mary Benton" (used assumed name)
PARRISH, Co. I, 1st Ark. Cav.
PEMBROKE, George W, Co. D, 30th Indiana Vol. Inf.
PERRY, Gilbert Co. E, 1st Ore. Cav.
PERSHBAKER, Adam D. Btn, MO Inf.
PORTER, John, Co. B, 20th Iowa
POTTORFF, John W. Co. H, 41 IL Inf.
PURDY, Owen W. Co. D, 18th Wisc. Inf.
QUICK, Jonathan, Co. F, 6th MO Inf.
RERON, Henry, Co. H, 49th Ill Inf.
RICHARDS, Jared G., Co. G, 1st NY Inf.
RICKMAN, William, Co. B, 9th MO Cav.
RING, Robert S. Co. E, 12th VA Inf.
ROBERTS, Co. G. 5th New York ZO
ROBERTS, William R, Co. C, 23rd MO Vol.
RODECKER, Joseph B., Co. D, 107th Ill. Inf.
RODGERS, C. A. Co. D, 13 U.S. Inf
RODGERS, Charles A. Co. F 28th Ill. Inf.
ROGERS, Charles A. USA
ROGERS, James, Co. A. or B, 1st Calif. Cav.
ROSA, Ralph H, 13th Mich BTN, Lt. Art.
ROSE, Joseph W. Co. G, 17th Kentucky Inf.
ROSS, Pascal W. Co. A, 1st Ore. Inf.
ROTNER, Henry, USN "Tuscarora"
ROUSE, John D., Co. A, 4th Wisc. Cav.
ROWAN, Marcellus, Co. B, 6 TN Inf.
RUSSELL, Joseph N. Co. M, 3rd NY Lt. Art.
SABIN, Alonzo Co. H, 52 NY N.G.
SAMSON, Levi, Co. H, 111 NY Inf.
SANFORD, Capt. Henry E. Co. G, 24 IA Inf.
SANFORD, Cyrenius USN, "Warbash"
SCHWEERS, Rhinehart, Co. L, 4 Iowa Cav.
SELTON, Anthony W., USA
SHANNON, Frank R. Co. H, 35th Penn Inf
SHANNON, Richard F. Co. H, 1 PA Inf
SHARP, George H. USA
SHULL, Benjamin F Co. D, 169th Ohio Inf.
SIGLIN, Jacob M Co. B. 8th Ill Cav.
SIMPSON, William R. Co. D, 25th Maine Inf.
SLAGLE, David C. Co. C, 124th Indiana Inf.
SMITH, Alexander J., Co. A, 9th Mich. Cav.
SMITH, Charles, Co. A, 8th Iowa Inf
SMITH, Nelson Co.G, 122 IL Inf.
SMITH, Nelson, Co. G, 122nd Illinois Inf.
SMITH, Oscar C. Co. B, 142nd Ohio Inf..
SMITH, Patrick Co. L, 6th Kansas Cav.
SNYDER, Alexander H. , Co. C, 23rd Missouri Vol. Inf.
ST. CLAIR, Walter, Co. D. 11th Ohio Cav.
STAUFF, Alexander 36th Indiana Inf.
STEEL, I. H. Co. H, 1st Ark. Cav. 1820-1900
STEWART, George W., Co. C, 9th Mass. Inf.
STILLWELL, James N., Co. H, 139th Ill Regt.
STOCKMAN, C. L., Co. G, 1 Iowa Cav.
STOCKMAN, Granville, Co. C, 1st Iowa Cav.
STRANG, David P., Co. A, 7th Ind. Inf.
SUMNER, Cpl. Arthur, Co. A. 66 IL inf.
SUNDERLAND, John D. Co. C, 1st Iowa Cav.
SWIFT, M. I. Co. D, 6 IA Inf
TAFT, Alford Co.A, 1 Wis. H. A. (Heavy artillary?)
TAYLOR, James E. Co. B, 32nd Ohio Vol. Musician
THAYER, Everett A. Co. C, 127th NY Inf.
THRUSH, Nathaniel, Co. F, 1st Ore. Cav.
TIMMONS, Crosman 1840 1910 Co. B, 7 Reg. ME Vol. Inf
TOPPING, B. F. Co. C. 2 IL Cav
TOPPING, ? Co. C, 8th Ill Cav.
TOWER, Morton, Co. B, 4th Btn. Mass. Vol.
TREMBLAY, Paul Co. A, 7 Cal. Inf.
VINCAMP, William, 8th Calif. Inf.
VonPEGERT, Charles F. W., USN
WAGNER, Henry Co. D, 1st Maryland Inf.
WALTERMIER, Joseph, Co. K. 12 Ohio Cav. 2/12/1847-10/16/1920
WARFIELD, Jesse, Co. H, 1st Regiment Inf Kansas Vol.
WATER, James W., Co. K, 3rd Iowa Cav.
WATERS, Amos G. Co. E, 44th Iowa Regt.
WATERS, William, Co. E, 3rd Mass., Hvy. Art.
WAY, William G, Co. C, 3rd Calif. Inf.
WELCH (Welsh) Moses A. Co. I, 31 ME Inf.
WELLS, Thomas Co. A, 1 Cal.Mount' RS (Mounted Rifles ?)
WHITE, James Co. H, 4th US Hvy Art.
WHITE, William B. Homeguard, Green CO. MO USA
WICKHAM, G. R., Co.A, 9 Mich Cav.
WICKHAM, George R Co. A, 9th Mich. Cav.
WILLIAMS, George H., Co. G, 11th Kansas Cav.
WILLIAMS, Thomas, Co. H, 14th Iowa Inf.
WILOOK, Henry Co. L., 3 Wis. Inf.
WILSON, Albert C. Co. D., 7th Mich. Cav.
WILSON, Andrew W., Co. B, 47 ILL Inf.
WILSON, Thomas, Co. H, 11th Mass. Inf.
WOLCOTT, Allen D. Co. A, 1st Btn, Vol. Calif. Inf.
WOODRUFF, David T., Co. F, 1st MO Cav.
WYMAN, Thomas C, Co. G. 1st Ore Inf.
YOUNG, Sgt. John W. G.A.R. 12/5/1842 12/18/1908 Co. D, 9 NY Cal.
ZWICKEY, William L. Co. E, 11th Minn Inf.

Confederate States Soldiers

BUCKBEE, James A., Co. J, 2nd VA Cav. CSA
CLIN--- , William W. R., Co. F, 4th MO Inf.
CREASON, Hamilton, Missouri CSA
FARNSWORTH, John, Co. A, 1st VA Cav. CSA
FISHER, Benjamin, 23rd VA Cav. CSA
FITZGERALD, John C. Co. A, 2nd Maryland Inf CSA
HARTLEY, Harison, 37th NC Cav. CSA
JONES, Josiah S. Virginia Inf. CSA
LAMB, James H. Co. F 13th Ark. Vol. CSA
MICHELBRINCK, John, Co. A, Tennessee CSA
OWEN, Alfred P. Co. A, 8th Missouri Cav. CSA
OWEN, Thomas G. Co. B, 1st MO Cav. CSA
PULLEN, William H., Co. C, 12th Texas Cav. CSA
WOOD, William, Co. B 37th NC Inf CSA

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