Contributed by Raymond Leslie Prince

David Prince, Union Co., SC, Probate Court

David Prince
Union County, South Carolina
Probate Court
Box 5, Pack 23, 1807

I David last will and testament. soul into the hands of Almighty God and my body to be buried in decent Christian burial.
2nd I give an bequeath to my beloved mother Rody Heaton Seventy dollars Cash to be issued and levied out of my Estate and the balance or Remainding part of my Estate to be equally divided between my beloved Sister Maryan Putman and Brother Absalom Heaton after my just debts are defraid.
I also...ordain my true and trusty friend Amos Putman and Matthew Hopkins...Executors...fourteen day of thousand Eight hundred seven.
David X Prince

Signed sealed and acknowledged in presents of
W Littleford(Hard to read, may not be this name)
James X Johnson

(Does Anyone recognize these names. I know Amos Putman was first husband of Millie Barnett. Amos must have died just after this, because Millie married Joseph Prince before 1810. I would like to know about this Heaton connection.) R Leslie Prince