The following is a abstract of the Will of Edward Prince, Sr., of Abbeville
District, SC, dated September 28, 1816.

In the name of God, Amen, I EDWARD PRINCE, SENIOR, of the
State of South Carolina and District of Abbeville, gives to my wife LUCY
PRINCE, the land whereon I now live. Likewise, Mango, Cato and Lark, my three Negro fellows, and Phillis, ?Nut and Molly, my three Negro women, to be hers
and to her use during her natural life. The children of ?Nut and the youngest child
of Phillis to be kept with the above mentioned Negroes during the same
length of time.

I give and bequeath to my son JOSEPH PRINCE the amount of money I am security for to John McNeal and Hugh McLin.

I give to my son EDWARD PRINCE, the land whereon he now lives. I give my
Negro boy Randle to my son EDWARD PRINCE and to my granddaughter SUSAN BLACK my Negro woman Cloe and her male child ?Lavy. I give to my
son-in-law HUDSON PRINCE my Negro girl now at his house named ?Mat. I give to my
four grandchildren named ?CLARK seven hundred dollars. I give to SALLY BEVEL one hundred dollars out of the property I left to my wife. I give to my son
JOSEPH PRINCE my Negro fellow ?Cuney. And two hundred dollars to be paid to him at the same time and in the same manner as my grandchildren ?Clark.

At the death of my wife, the property, real and personal, to be sold by my
executor and the proceeds of the sale be equally divided between JOSEPH PRINCE, EDWARD PRINCE and HUDSON PRINCE, and my grandchildren ?Clarks.

I constitute and appoint JOSEPH BLACK and JOSEPH MARTIN my

Witnesses: ANDREW MORROW and JAMES MORROW. September 28,


I apologize for the several words with a question mark. My copy of this Will
was very faded and difficult to read.

An added note that may be of interest. Hudson (Middleton) Prince is named as
a "son-in-law" in the above Will. He was born on November 10, 1775. Hudson's
wife was Nancy Prince. They moved to Talladega Co., AL, where Hudson died on
December 1, 1848. Nancy Prince was born on November 25, 1776 and died on
December 18, 1853. Both are buried in the Barnett-Casper Cemetery, Childersburg,
Talladega Co., AL. Their three known sons are: JOHN W. PRINCE, EDWARD PRINCE and GEORGE W. PRINCE. It is not proven as yet, but GEORGE W. PRINCE is thought to be the same man that is the proginitor of the numerous Prince's of Nacogdoches Co., TX.
Submitted by Ron Prince