19th Century Indian Military Veterans

During the late 1800's some of the Kiowa-Comanche-Apache Nations warriors became scouts for the US Cavalry. These are the ones I found in the Tribal Cemeteries in Kiowa County. There are probably more. On this Veterans Day, November 11, 2003, these Veterans are included in our salute to the county veterans. If you know of a veteran or an army scout from those Nations buried in Kiowa County, not listed on the Kiowa County Veterans List please send their names and info to Ethel Taylor. They will be added.

Ahhaitty, Charles---Cpl.---7th US Cavalry

Blackbear, "Old Man"-----7th US Cavalry, Scout

Blackstone, Moses---Pvt.---7th Cavalry

Boe-Tsa-Ok---Pvt.---Indian Scout

Brizzle, George---Cpl.---7th Cavalry

Do Nat---Pvt.---7th Cavalry

Do-Done, James---Sgt.---7th Cavalry

Do-A-Ton---7th Cavalry

Ee-Ho-Tam. “Buffalo Killer”---Pvt.---7th Cavalry

Elk Tongue---Pvt. Indian Scouts

Em Poadle-Doan-Ta---Pvt.---Indian Scouts

E-On-Ha-Ho---Indian Scout

Gum By---Pvt. Indian Scouts

Hone Koh---Pvt.---Indian Scouts

Ko-Kome---Pvt.---Indian Scouts

Odle-Pah---Pvt. ---USA Cavalry

Penn, Grover Cleveland---Pvt. 5th US Cavalry

Quo-Pah-Ko (Chief Lone Wolf) US Scout, 1883

Teep Dote---Scout, USA

Ton a Cho---Pvt.---7th US Cavalry

Ton-Ko-Ko---Pvt. 7th US Cavalry

Wohan---Pvt.---7th US Cavalry

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