This information was enclosed in a packet from an Ashley cousin researcher. The only notation was the title above, so I assume it is from a book. I will try to locate the source and post it here. All the SURNAMES are PRINCE.

Chesley D., widow Agnes, WC-837 GA, 28 Oct. 1892, FL War Service
Edwin Charles, SC-793, 6 Oct. 1892, FL War Srv. GA Vols.
Elbert, wid. Nancy B., WC-4887, AL, 21 Sept. 1892, Creek War Srv. Ga Vols.
Eugene Malville, SC-8857 NJ, 28 Apr. 1917, srv. 1873-8, 3rd US Cav,
died 5 Nov. 1924, Atlantic City, NJ
George, SA-1582014 UT, 21 May 1927, srv. 1866-9, UT Mil.
Henry, SC-3714 AL, 21 Sep. 1892, Creek War srv. GA Vols.
Hiram, wid. Mary E., WC-3595 TN, 14 May 1894, FL War srv. TN Vols.
Jonathan, alias Jonathan D., wid Rebecca A.,, SC-5862 WA, 24 June 1904,
WC-7444 6 Jun 1906, srv. 1st & 2nd WA Terr. Vols.
Levi E., wid. Mary J. WC-6988 WA 20 Nov. 1902
Mark, SC-1699 SC, 20 Aug. 1892, FL War srv. Picken's SC Vols.
Nathan, SA-1402 AR, 3 Sep. 1892, FL War srv.Cherry's TN Vols.
Richard, SA-1580816 UT, 5 May 1927, srv. 1866 UT Mil. Cav.
William, SA-3042 TN, 13 Oct. 1892, FL War srv. Turney's TN Vols.
William, SA-14371 UT, 14 Jul. 1917, srv. 1866-7, UT Vols.

The following information on these Indian Wars Pensioners was supplied by Ron Prince ( Longview TX, 19 Oct. 1997. Ron is a veteran Prince researcher, having done this for many years.

Chesley D. (Daniel) - see 1850 Gilmer Co. GA

Elbert, Ellis and Henry - all sons of Hamilton Prince of Cumberland Co. NC and later Muscogee Co. GA. All three sons ended up living in Russell and Lee Counties, AL. See 1840 census of Muscogee and 1850-60 census of Russell and Lee Counties.

George, William, and Richard Prince were all Morman converts from South Africa, who migrated to Utah in the 1860's. They originated in England.

Nathan Prince is probably the son of Hardy Prince of Franklin Co. TN...or he could be connected with the Bedford Co. TN Prince families. The Nathan Prince of Franklin Co., TN moved to Ripley Co. M, and then to Independence Co. AR. The Nathan Prince of Bedford CO. TN moved to Trigg Co. KY (see 1850 census) and then disappears from sight....though some of his sons returned to Bedford Co. before the Civil War.

Mark Prince appears in the 1840 and 1850 census of Anderson Co. SC. He was the son of William Prince and Mary Grice of Union Co., SC

Jonathan D. And Levi E. Prince of Washington state, were from White Co. TN. Their father was Thomas Prince, who died in MO while preparing for a journey over the Oregon Trail to Washington state. His widow later married the wagon train leader and continued across the western territory with her young Prince children, including Jonathan and Levi.

William Prince of TN may be the son of Hardy Prince of Franklin Co. TN

Hiram Prince was born in SC and first settled in Bedford CO. TN, but later settled in Hickman Co. TN. See 1850 census of Hickman Co.

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