Warrior Soldiers in The Military

From World War I up through the present, men and women of the Kiowa-Comanche-Apache Nations fought as US Soldiers. This is the list of those soldiers I have come across. I know there are probably more. If one of your family served in any branch of the Military during these conflicts, please send their name to me. If possible included their rank, which branch and which conflict they served in. If your family member died in combat, please send that info also, as I am attempting to gather the names of all of Kiowa County's veterans that did not make it home, in order to build a memorial to these men and women.

AHPEATONE, Wilber           06/28/1926      10/09/1988                 USN      WWII
AHPEATONE, Elmer 10/04/1926 03/01/1977 T/SGT USA WWII
AITSON, Lucius Weeks 12/23/1930 08/05/1984 CPL USA Korea
AITSON, Marland Konad 04/16/1928 12/23/1983 USN Korea
AUNKO, John ‘Tso-ohm-Tay' 06/14/1934 08/08/1997 FN USN Korea
AUNQUOE, Andrew Payne 05/29/1928 04/07/1997 SA USN
BOTONE, Billy 10/26/1920 09/08/1974 TSGT USA
BOTONE, Perry ? ? USA; USN
CHANEY, Ralph Francis 08/06/1930 12/22/1989 SFC USA Korea
CLAY, Levi 05/27/1923 09/19/1996 USCG WWII
GIVEN, Joshua 12/06/1913 09/19/1970 PFC 57 Ca.Bn WWII
GIVEN, Ronald G. 03/27/1947 08/12/1972 PFC USA Vietnam
GOINGKEEN, David Lee Sr. 01/05/1930 11/10/1994 CSSN USN Korea
GOOMDA, David Wynn 10/24/1935 01/01/1989 USMC
GRAY, Carlyle 06/01/1927 05/25/1993 CWO3 USA WWII, Korea
HAAG, Clarence B. 02/12/1925 11/12/1981 CPL USMC WWII
HAAG, Clarence Frank 1894 1981 PVT USA WWI
HAAG, Beryle B., Sr. 10/13/1936 01/27/1995 PFC USA Korea
HALL, William B. ZOTIGH 04/24/1928 12/03/1999 USMC Korea
HAURY, John, Sr. 1928 1993 S2 USN WWII
HORSE, Ira Carr 1915 1979 PVT USA WWII
KAULIATY, Amos B. 10/03/1923 09/28/1960 SGT Co. F, 330 INF. WWII, Korea
KAULIATY, Louis, Jr. 07/14/1931 12/16/1998 USA
KEAHQUO, Marion Paul 07/14/1931 10/11/1983 SGT USAF
KODASEET, Joe 06/22/1921 03/22/1991 SGT USA WWII
KOPEPASSAH, Lelbert 12/07/1925 10/17/1995 S2 USN WWII
MAMMEDATY, Ralph E. Sr. 1921 1998 USA WWII
MAURY, John, Sr. 1926 1993 S2 USN WWII
PEWARDY, Mary Lee KAULAITY 02/19/1924 12/27/1993 PFC USA Korea
POOLAW, Moses Edward 12/26/1894 01/20/1969 SGT 44 Co, 162 Depot Brig. WWI
POOLAW, Ralph E. 10/06/1899 04/28/1948 PVT Air Corp WWII
POOLAW, David T. 01/05/1896 05/21/1976 PVT USA WWI
REDBIRD, Claude A. 11/22/1943 02/26/1983 A1C USAF
REDBIRD, Jack Orville 08/25/1920 11/02/1995 USA WWII
RENDAHL, Gary 03/31/1942 08/22/1982 PVT USA
SADONGEI, Larry 06/09/1951 09/12/1981 USA
SADONGEI, Everitt 02/02/1920 06/07/1973 PFC AAC WWII
SATOE, Paul 04/10/1930 08/31/1995 PVT USA Korea
SATOE, Roger 07/30/1916 07/12/1988 PFC USA WWII
SATOE, Joseph Spurgeon 03/25/1929 09/15/1995 PVT USA Korea
STUMBLING BEAR, Reuben 05/24/1915 02/22/1994 PFC USA WWII
TODOME, Howard E. Sr. 01/31/1923 11/09/1994 USA WWII
TOFPI, Harry Lee 08/10/1928 05/31/1997 SM/ST USAF WWII
TONGKEAMHA, Bruce Kinney 09/05/1947 12/13/1975 S4 USN Vietnam
TONGKEAMHA, Clifton 08/24/1932 05/05/1993 USA Korea
TONGKEAMHA, James Timothy 10/06/1944 09/11/1994 SGT USMC Vietnam
TONGKEAMHA, Wallace 11/05/1930 06/18/1991 PVT USA Korea
TOPASH, Walter L. 1925 1988 MM3 USN WWII
TSATOKE, Rev. John T. 03/06/1920 11/02/1989 PVT USA WWII
TSOODLE, Hawley 12/25/1923 07/23/1990 BM3 USN WWII; Korea; Vietnam, UDT Seals Team
TWO HATCHET, Luke 03/25/1926 06/21/1969 S2C USN WWII
WARE, Erwin, Sr. 10/28/1920 03/12/1975 SK2 USN WWII
WARE, Justin Lee 07/20/1931 10/23/1981 PFC USA Korea
WARE, Lawrence Ray 1914 1995 Lt. Col. USA WWII, Korea
WATERS, Rev. Lindy B. 06/15/1928 12/13/1979 SFC USA
WILLIAMS, Ralph Cameron 03/24/1932 03/09/1985 USAF Korea
WOLFCHIEF, Stacy 08/15/1893 10/19/1945 PVT 133 MG Bn, 36 Div. WWII

Robert Carlos Pahcheka - Comanche Warrior, Viet Nam, KIA
Eli Hosetosavit - Comanche Warrior, WWII, KIA

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