Kiowa County Veterans

War Between The States


Kiowa County, OK also became home to some veterans from that "Late Great Unpleasantness" that occurred during 1861-1865. Many Veterans headed west after the War - from the war scavenged South, to escape the Reconstruction period, from the North, tired of war and looking for another home. Some came into Indian Territory. When the Kiowa-Comanche-Apache Lands were opened to White settlement, they went to find land for a new home in a new territory. Some were less than 40 years old, others, of course, older.

During research to locate the 20th Century veterans, the following were found in Cemeteries in Kiowa County. We also salute these Veterans. If you know of others buried in Kiowa County, please send an email to Ethel Taylor and they will be added.

Adams, Walter G. ---Co. G. 19th Ill. Light Artillary Regt. USA, Buried Mountain Park Cemetery, Mountain Park. OK

Andrews,Julius,--- Col. 32nd Texas, CSA - Buried Mountain View Cemetery, Mountain View, OK

Barton, William B.--- Walker Co. AL, CSA, - Rose Cemetery, Hobart, OK

Bryan, William Riley---Company K., 13th Alabama Infantry, CSA - Buried Otter Creek Cemetery, Tillman CO., was in Kiowa Co. Snyder, OK

Cantrell, Thomas J.---10th Illinois Cavalry, USA - Buried Roosevelt Cemetery, Roosevelt, OK

Challacombe, Jabez B.----Company H, 2nd Ohio Cavalry, USA

Fowler, Albert N.---Company H, 1st Regiment, (Fagan's) Arkansas Infantry, CSA - Buried Rose Cemetery, Hobart, OK

Hagemeier, Henry---Company E. Missouri Infantry, USA - Buried Roosevelt Cemetery, Roosevelt, OK

Hamilton, William F. ---19th Regt. Georgia Volunteer Infantry, CSA

Harris, George Washington---10th Arkansas Cavalry Regt. CSA

Head, John---Co. A 2nd Batt., Hilliard's Legion, Alabama Volunteers, CSA - Buried Oakdale Cemetery, Washita Co., Old site Mountain View, across river from Mountain View, OK

Johnson, F. M. Dr.---Company E, 1st Battalion, Georgia Volunteers, CSA--Southern Cross Of Honor - Buried Lone Wolf Cemetery, Lone Wolf, OK

Little, George W.---Company F, 51st E. N. Missouri Militia, USA

Moats, Samuel L.---Company C, 23rd Regiment, Missouri Volunteer Infantry, CSA - Buried Gotebo Cemetery, Gotebo, OK

Reneau, Thomas Wood---Company B., 5th Kentucky Volunteer Cavalry

Smiley, Wm. C.---Company F, 12th Wisconsin Infantry, USA

Tucker, Henry Harrison "Harry"---143 Ill. Infantry/31 Ohio Infantry, USA

Ward, John Martin---Texas Cavalry, CSA



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