When the Kiowa-Comanche-Apache lands opened in 1901, not only did settlers move in, but the long arm of the Law arrived to administer justice among the citizens. This page is to commemorate those in law enforcement to the county.


The government appointed judges in the county until one could be elected. The first appointed judge fell to HARRIS FINLEY, who served from 1900-1902. He had previously lived in PA and was acquainted with John D. Rockefeller. He was offered the chance to become a partner with Rockefeller in PA Oil. Mr. Finley, a strict Scots-Irish Presbyterian didn't approve of some of the shady deals of Rockefeller, so he made the run to Oklahoma instead of a partnership.

When Finley was appointed Probate Judge, he asked to go to Caddo County and was very disappointed when he was sent to Kiowa County instead. During his term, he was concerned there would be problems with the people from Kansas and Texas in the area as they were on opposite sides during the Civil War, but, no problems developed. Often, when he preformed marriages, one was a Texan and the other a Kansan. Judge Finley had served in the Union during the War.

Finley was followed by W. A. PHELPS, who had come to Kiowa County in August, 1901. Judge Phelps had a wife, two daughters and a son. His wife later became the Hobart Librarian. His son, Orme, was credited with having the highest IQ in Kiowa County.

P. K. MORRISON served as judge from 1904-1907.

J. W. MANSELL served from 1907-1912

District Judge, J. R. TOLBERT, 190-1912, was born in Jackson County, TN in 1862 and came to Kiowa County in 1903. He served as co-chairman of the Democrat Party for Al Smith for President. Through his efforts, a $10,000 grant was received from Andrew Carnegie to establish the Hobart Library.

THOMAS A. EDWARDS was district judge from 1914-1916.

SAM CARPENTER served as County Judge from 1913-1937. Judge Carpenter was born in Scottsville, KY in 1855 and came to Oklahoma in 1907. He was active in Oklahoma politics for 40 years.

T. A. EDWARDS was District Judge 1916-1922

E. L. MITCHELL served as District Judge 1922-

After the death of County Judge Sam Carpenter in 1937, CLIFFORD HUFF, Assistant County Attorney became County Judge and was in that position at his death in 1942.

Subsequent District Judges were JOHN B. WILSON, followed by CLARENCE HUNTER, Judge Hunter was still in that position when Hobart celebrated it's 50th Anniversary. In 1946, Judge WELDEN FARRIS filed his 1st case in court.


The first elected Sheriff of Kiowa County was D. N. MORRISON. He did not serve long and was replaced by ED RAY, who served from 1904-1905

In 1905, JOHN LINDSEY became sheriff and served in that capacity until 1912. Sheriff Lindsey often said that everyone wanted justice and laws enforced - just not against them! He was born in 1878 in Waco, Texas and came to Oklahoma Territory in 1897, locating first in Roger Mills county, moving to Hobart in 1901. The jailor was DOSS KUTCH. Mr. Kutch was born in 1886 in Weatherford, Texas and came to Kiowa County in 1902.

LEWIS TERRY was sheriff from 1912-1914, with J. J. McMILLAN, jailor and J. B. HAMILTON as deputy.

CHARLIE LEE served as sheriff from 1914-1922, with PETE CARLTON as deputy.

TOM SHADDOCK was sheriff from 1922-1930. His deputies were BILL SUTTLES, SAM STANDERFER, JACK BALL and RUFUS LESTER. Sheriff Shaddock was born 1868 in Camden, AR and came to Kiowa County in 1904.

ED MOORE served from 1931-1931, undersheriff was W. P. SIMS and deputy was JOHN WHITE, jailor was JOHN HALL, who had served in WWI.

During 1933-1934, Kiowa County had it's first woman Sheriff, MRS. ED MOORE, who took her husband's place.

Sheriff Addie Moore and her deputy, John White, on her 80th birthday.

Addie Moore was born December 26, 1873 in Gainesville , TX, moved to Kiowa County in 1901. She was appointed as Kiowa County's first and only woman sheriff, when her husband, Sheriff Ed Moore, died July 16, 1933, at age 62. She was 60 years old at the time. They had one son, Collie. Sheriff Addie died September 12, 1967, age 94, and both Sheriff Moores are buried at Roosevelt Cemetery.

TOM HOWARD served from 1935-1936, with undersheriff CLYDE NEWBERRY, jailor FRANK McKEE and deputy ED CONNER.

SAM STANDERFER served from 1937-1940 with undersheriff PONY HANCOCK, and jailors MITCH HILL and then CHARLIE MARLAND.

W. P. DUGAN was sheriff 1941-1946, with undersheriff J. W. McCONNELL. Jailors were JOHN C> NUNN, followed by ELMER SANDERS then EVERETT JONES.

TOM HOWARD became sheriff again in 1947-1948 with undesheriff JIM TAYLOR, deputies E. O. PETERS and ROY McGEHEE, jailor TOM HOOD.

LEON JENNINGS was sheriff 1949-1950, with undersheriff JOHN BERSLEY, deputy BEN DONAHO and TOM HOOD continued as jailor.

1950 began with E. O. PETERS as sheriff, undersheriff ROY ROLAND, deputies BILL MATTHEWS and BOB MUSE, jailor CHARLIE WITTEN, followed by V> C> DAILY and P. W. GWYNN. Undersheriff Roland was followed by G. W. HELMS with his deputies JIM WILLIAMS, ED KILLINGSWORTH and WOODY HILBURN

LEON MESSICK served as sheriff from 1961-1969, with undersheriff ELTON CARY, who was also jailor with VIRGIL WEITNER. Other undersheriffs were H. R. GUNDY, ROBERT McCLUNG. Deputies were THOMAS B. SILER and FRANK EMERSON. In 1968, BILL MATTHEWS became undersheriff with deputy ROBERT POLLARD. In 1969 the undersheriff was ARCHIE BIRD, deputy EARL SHAW and jailor ELTON CARY.

In 1970 VIRGIL WEITNER became sheriff, undersheriff BOB McCLUNG, followed by HENRY WITCHER, then FRANK EMERSON. Deputies were THOMAS SILER and H. R. GANDY/

From 1971-1972, sheriff was ROBERT McCLUNG, undersheriff HERB HENDERSON, deputies FLOYD HOPKINS and JESS McMILLAN, jailors ELTON CARY and ROBERT HIGGINS.

In 1973, sheriff was HERB HENDERSON, undersheriff ANTHONY PITT, deputies VIRGIL OSBORN and MAX STRAUB, who was killed in the line of duty. J. D. PITTS took his place, jailor was ROBERT HIGGINS.

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