Moses Prescott Crisp, ca 1767-1839

The contents of the will are complete as written originally. I have listed (Item) separately for ease of following, for the visitors to this page.

Last Will and Testament of Moses P. Crisp (page #119) State of Tennessee ) Hardeman County )
In the name of God amen. Be it remembered that ________________________

I Moses P. Crisp being in a low state of health but of sound mind and disposing memory, do make, ordain, & publish this my last will and Testament.

First; it is my will & wish that all my just debts be paid out of the first moneys collected on act of what is due me a list of the notes hereunto annexed.

Second. To my beloved wife Lydia. I give the use of my mansion house and lot, also my land purchased of F Shoemake Esqr. during her natural life, the same to be used for her support and that of my minor children until of age. I also give to my wife for the use of the family now with us, all my household and kitchen furnitour, and stock of every kind and description, whatsoever, relying upon her descretion to use the same for the benefit of herself & her children; I also lend to my wife during her natural life my negro woman Silver and her child Jenny. After her death the said negro woman and child & all the increase if any to be equally divided amongst our children, Nancy, Lucy Jane, Gilbert Longstreet, & Moses P. Crisp

3rd I give to my daughter Nancy my negro girl Paulina, to my daughter Lucy Jane my negro girl Carolina.To my son Gilbert Longstreet my negro boy Jim and my son Moses P. my negro boy Bob. Should either of my children die in minority or without isue then the survivors by my present wife to inherit third part and (bottom line on this page did not copy, shows tops of letters only, not on next page either) the same shall be made up to them out of the land at the death of my wife. and my land and lot to be sold & divide equally between her 4 children.

4th I will to my wife and children before named to aid in their support, the use and benefit of my negro boys Isom and Ellis for the space of ten years after which to be sold and out of their proceeds to be paid to my sons William, Mansel & Ezekiel each one hundred dollars, also to my son Ezekiel choice of my horses which I may have at the date of my decease, excepting him or her out of the second article hereof.

5th Any residue of money or estate, which I may have I give to my wife and children for their support, and the education of said children to be used under the directin of my Executor & if any surplus be left when the youngest is of age, then to be equally divided amongst the said children Mary, Lucy Jane Gilbert and Moses.

6th I recommend to my Executors to sell all my surplus stock of cattle for the benefit of my said wife and children support, to rent my farm out and hire out Isom & Ellis if thought most advisable goes to my family.

7th Having full confidence that my affairs will be managed to the best advantage of my children, I appoint my wife Lydia Crisp Executrix and my friend John H. Bills executor (each without security) of this my last Will and Testament; revoking all others. Witness my hand and seal this 24th day of September 1839 Moses P Crisp (seal) Acknowledged in presence of George B. Peters Joseph Watson


Inventory of the estate of Moses P. Crisp dec'd which came to the hands of John H. Bills his Executor all the balance of said eastate being in the hands of Lydia Crisp Executrix being herself accountable as pr the terms ofthe last Will and Testament of said Testator


1 Sampson Smith dated 15 June 1839 due 25th December 1840 $565.00
1 DO (?) 25 (?) 1839 due 25th December 1839 185.00
1 Do (?) 6 July 1839 due 25th December 1840 100.00
1 DO (?) 16 July 1839 due 25th December 1839 8.68
1 S.B. Davidson & Aris Brown 9 July 1839 due 1st January 1840 1852.00
1 Coleman Hall & Sampson Smith 16 July 1839 Due 25th December 1839 18.50
1 Miles P. Moore 17 July 1839 due 18 July 1839 8.00

2 Sampson Smith 1 due 15 Oct. next & 1 due 15 Oct 1840
for fifty bushels corn each

The above being same as the schedule of the will
recorded 20th Dec. 1839 A G Nichron Clerk
John H. Bills Executor


This will was transcribed from the handwritten copy with all capital letters, misspellings included, by Ethel Taylor, from a photocopy received from Lois Lumpkin, Hope AR, April, 1997. I have separated out the items for easier reading for visitors to this page. William Cherry Crisp executed a Power of Attorney naming T. C. Coats of Sturdivant Co TN as his Attorney in Fact, dated August 24 1849. He was living in Clark CO. AR This is for his proceeds from his father's will, the sale of the 2 negros 10 years after Moses's death.

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