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Preshia Prince/Willis Ashley Bible

Preshia Prince, born Feb. 10, 1825, NC was the daughter of my GGG Grandparents, Jesse Numon Prince b. 1800, NC and Dellilah Carter. B. 1800 NC, married ca1817. The bible is in the possession of Mrs. Bonnie Stanley, Malvern AR, their great grand daughter.

W. Willis Ashley Book for the year 1855
August the 29
August the 29. 1853
price 50 cents

Willis Ashly

Preshia Ashley Deceased July the 12th 1867

Willis and Emoline were married August 8. 1867

Willis Ashley was born January the 3rd. 1816

Preshia Ashley was born February the 10th. 1826
and was married January the 15th 1850

Elizabeth Ashley was born April the 10th 1851
Deceased the 18th

Benjamin was born June the 29 1852

Anderson Ashley was born March the 27 1854

Mary Jain Ashley was born January the 23 1858

Lizey Jain Ashley was born February the (can't read) 1856

Marthann Ashley was born January the 27 1858

Minervy Jain was born September the 18 1859

Emaline Ashley was born January the 12 1862

Jesse Ashley was born December the 8 day 1863

Franniy Ashley was born October the 2 day 1865

Elias Ashley decesed November the 11 1858. (Willis's brother)

Levina decesed November the 18 1858

Emoline Ashley decesed July 25. 1879


Bible of W.T.Prince. Transcribed from photographed pages made at home of Edward Marshall Prince, Camden, TN 1993. EM Prince called this the Malin Family bible. It belonged to Frances (Prince) Malin a daughter of WT Prince. Frances and her husband Peony raised EM Prince after his mother died. Entries up until 1918 appear in the same ink and a similar hand, suggesting the entries may all have been made at a similar time.

William Thomas "Billie" Prince and his family lived in Chaseville, Benton County, Tennessee where Billie ran a general store and postoffice. Chaseville no longer exists. The nearest existing town is Holladay, (formerly Mt.Carmel) Tennessee. The area is still very rural. It is located near the Tennessee River, the Natchez Trace and the borders of Carroll County and Decatur County.

Title Page. Self Pronouncing Edition. Holy Bible, the King James and the Revised Versions of the Old and New Testaments…World Bible House, Philadelphia, Pa, [1883]

1st page: This is to Certify that Wm T Prince and Ledora Ann Hooten were united….Holy Matrimony on the 11 day of November in the year of our lord 1875.

Page headed Marriages
Jasper N Prince and Ada Marshall Sept 30, 1899
John T Prince and Nellie Hatley Dec 25, 1903
Wm Arthur Prince and Willie Kay Hardin 1906
Elbert Riley Prince and Nita Bridges Dec 4 1907
Clara Elizabeth Prince and John C.Eaves Jan 10, 1909
Fannie Prince and Penick Malin Dec 8, 1910

Page headed Births
Wm T. Prince, Aug 29, 1851.
Le Dora A. Prince, Nov 4, 1861
Jasper Newton Prince, Sept 24, 1877
Wm Arthur Prince, Aug 8, 1879
Philander Prince, Sept 10, 1881
Elbert Riley Prince, Jan 1, 1884
John Thomas Prince Feb 12, 1886
Clara Elizabeth Prince, Mar 19, 1888
Fannie Prince Feb 12, 1893
Jennie Prince Feb 2, 1896
Bettie Prince, Aug 17, 1898
Clinton Dickey Prince Sept 6, 1900

Page headed Deaths
Philander Prince, June 22, 1883
Jennie Prince, Nov 10, 1899
Bettie Prince, Nov 15, 1899
William T. Prince Sept 2 1918-1:20 PM

[Entry below is in different Ink , similar handwriting to above]
William Arthur Prince Mar 14 1919
[Entries below are in different Ink, different handwriting]
Le Dora Ann Prince May 28, 1945
Jasper N Prince Dec 23, 1964
John Thomas Prince April 25, 1970
Clara Elizabeth Eaves Dec 20, 1970
Elbert Riley Prince Oct 5, 1972
[Entry below is in different Ink, very different handwriting]
Clinton Dickey Prince Oct 30, 1976

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