Prince Photos


William & Louisa Adeline Swindle
GGrandparents of Nancy McDaniel


William & Louisa Adeline Prince, 3 of their 10 children.
Louisa is d/o Juilia E. Prince, gd/o Joseph & Gincy Prince
GGrandparents of Nancy McDaniel

Leila Wetona Prince Robinson, 1865-1946, d/o Dr. Francis Marion Prince, w/o Dr. Elisha Miller Robinson
ggm/o Abigail Dennison

Dr. Frances Marion Prince, 1827-1911, s/o Edmond Prince
gggf/o Abigail Dennison

Edmond Prince 1792-1861
s/o Nicholas Prince Jr.
ggggf/o Abigail Dennison

Thomas Robinson Banks & Marion Abigail Banks
f/o Abigail Dennison


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