Have you ever wished for a doorway to the past? One you could step through, and follow a particular family through the events of history in our country? Experience the struggles, the travels, the hardships, heartbreaks, and the victories ofour pioneer past? Perhaps, talk to that particular ancestor that you can not find anywhere!!!!

When you begin tracing your roots back, you begin a history lesson that will teach you much about our country. In findingout about the periods of history your family lived through, it gives flesh and blood to bare facts, names and dates. What would it have been like to live through the Revolutionary War, the Civil War, and the Indian wars?

In following my families back through history for three hundred fifty years, I read United States history, histories of Virginia, North and South Carolina, Georgia, Alabama, Tennessee, Arkansas and points west. Several descendents of these families have helped with family facts and information about their areas.

Many Historical Societies, countless Court and County Clerks across the country, gave me valuable insight into the histories of their states and counties, and provided documents, when available, containing valuable information. In particular, John Ferguson, Arkansas History Commission, Ms. Dorothy Partain, Pike County Archives and History Association, and Bonnie Franklin and staff, Clark County AR Courthouse, Jackson County Historical Society, AL, Project Preservation, Franklin County, TN. In addition, the numerous people who have written histories of our country and the wars that tore us apart, then brought us back together.

Come along with me and step through this door way to the past. We have a


If man is to vanish from the earth, let him vanish in the moment of creation, when he is creating something new, opening a path to the tomorrow he may never see. It is man's nature to reach out to grasp for the tangible on the way to the intangible.


I started this research of the families in 1993. My Mom was 82 years old and had lost track of her family. Dad had died in 1987, my brothers and I lived in other states, her parents were gone, as were her 3 brothers and she felt quite alone. I have found she has LOTS of Ashley and Prince cousins around the country. She was not alone. I have also found a lot of my Crisp cousins around the country. Mom is gone now, and many of the cousins I have met, but my life is richer for the meeting.

I was born at Levelland, Texas, just west of Lubbock. Mom and Dad had moved out by his parents as World War II was loomingand he would likely have to go. As it turned out, in the meantime, he got a job on a farm and was exempted. After the war, when I was about 6, they moved back to Oklahoma, where Mom's parents lived. I was raised in Kiowa Co. OK. Even though I have lived many years away from Texas, I still consider myself a Texan, and there are still relatives there and all over Oklahoma.

I am also Cherokee and Choctaw, so I am searching for those connections to my roots.

My personal family consists of husband, Larry, and 3 grown children. Our daughter Laura lives on Oregon and Kristin lives in Wyoming. Kristin has 4 children, Cathy, Patrick, Jennipher and Jonathyn. Grand daughter Cathy has a little son, Joseph Reice and lives in Washingto state. Our son Mark lives in UT. He has two children, Jessica and Kyle. This is also so the grandchildren will know their roots, when they get older.Hopefully, one of them will pick up where I leave off and continue with the family lines.

We are also researching Larry's family lines. Laura is doing her Dad's family. So if you have any

in your family, please visit


These are the Ancestors of Ethel Taylor

I have been lucky in finding cousins that generously assisted me in my quest and thirst for knowledge of my families. They are the BEST!!!!

ASHLEY - Bonnie Stanley and Gerald Williams, Malvern AR, Kelly and Addie Shaver, Huntsville AL, Carrie Elliot and Julian Ashley, Franklin County TN. The new "cousins" I have met on the Ashley-L mail list have helped me a lot!

Our Ashley Research group have several lines we are searching. Some begin in early Virginia in the 1600. If you have an Ashley under your family tree, take a look at our lines pages. Maybe you will find a family connection! Also listed are some of the homepages of our ASHLEY-L cousins,

CRISP - Kathe Determan Roswell, NM, Alexa Skinner, Tucson, AZ, my aunt Mattie, Uncles Troy and John, Willie Yant, Antlers, OK, and the many new cousins on theCRISP-L mail list has been great.

This link will take you to our Crisp research group's family information. There is information about some of the early Crisps in the Colonies. One early Crisp was William Crisp Sr. born 1694-1700, NC. We are lucky to have some of his direct descendents working with us. There are pages of our lines and some of our ancestors wills. Please visit and check out some of the other lines we are searching also. Listed there you will find links to our CRISP-L cousins' homepages.

PRINCE - Ron Prince , Longview TX, who has been a tremendous help in putting together my two Prince lines, The many new Cousins I have found on the PRINCE-L mail list.

This link will take you our Prince Families pages. They contain information we have come across, such as Veterans, Family Bibles, Wills, Books. These pages are under construction and will continue to grow as more information is added. You will find here, our Prince lines. We have Northern Princes, Southern Princes, Canadian Princes. The families came to the Colony

s from England, Scotland, Ireland, and spread across the country. Maybe one of our collateral lines will match a family you are researching. There is also a page that has our Most Wanted Princes. Listed there are also the homepages of some of our PRINCE-L Cousins.

I live in a small town on the southern Oregon Coast about 80 miles north of the California State line and about 25 miles south of Coos Bay/North Bend, the largest International Port between San Francisco and Seattle. Bandon-By-The-Sea, Oregon has about 2900 population, which expands considerably between Memorial Day and Labor Day. There are a lot of things for our visitors to do, such as camping, fishing (river, stream, and deep sea by charter boat) hiking, bicycling, and beachcombing on some of the most beautiful, rugged beaches anywhere. Come visit my 'adopted' home town. Bandon also has many cranberry bogs and the Cranberry Festival in September prior to the beginning of harvest is a great weekend.
Bandon-By-The-Sea, OR

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