The Victims

1. Found March 29, 1972, a reported homicide, Barbara Ann Derry, age 18, 5’1” tall, 115 lbs., living on “W” St., Vancouver WA, a Clark College student.

Derry was last seen hitchhiking along State Hwy. 14 East from Vancouver on February 11, 1972. Her body was found on March 29, at the bottom of the silo at the Grist Mill, in Northern Clark County, a county park. It was covered with boards and debris, partially disrobed, missing a bra. The cause of death was discovered to have been caused by one stab wound to the heart, with a narrow bladed instrument. Identification was established through dentals. She had many male friends and was known to hitchhike frequently.

2. July 11, 1974, a reported homicide, Krista Kay Blake, age 19, living on NE 119th St., Vancouver WA.

Blake was last seen on July 11, 1974, getting into a blue van driven by a white male, in the area of 29th and “K” St. in Vancouver. She was a known hitchhiker. Later two other witnesses observed the victim, suspect and blue van together in the area of Lewisville Park sometime before the date of her disappearance. Blake’s body was found in a shallow grave on Clark County Parks property, at “Tukes Mountain”. The victim was partially disrobed, missing a bra. Witnesses related they had seen a blue van, at the Tukes Mountain site on or about the date Blake was last seen. Her hands and feet were “hogtied” behind her with baling twine.

3. July 17th, 1974, a reported kidnap/assault, a 15 year old girl, living in Ridgefield, WA.

She was also a regular hitchhiker. She was picked up by the suspect in a blue van in the area of State Hwy 502 East of Ridgefield WA, one week after the disappearance of Krista Blake. Inside the vehicle, she was held at knife point and driven 13 miles to the Tukes Mountain area. During that time, the suspect mentioned he would like to take her to Texas and also he was to get some money for delivering her to several other males.

At the Tukes Mountain area, the van was parked at the gate to the park. She was beaten while still in the van, then taken into the woods and hogtied to a tree, with the same type baling twine, just 100 ft. from Blake’s grave. The victim’s bra was cut off and used as a gag. The suspect left her tied at this location, saying he would return later. She was successful in chewing through her bonds and escaped. She hid in a nearby field until daybreak, when she was found by a Parks employee.

The suspect returned during the night, and picked up the materials he had used to bind her, and the bra he had used as a gag. Two witnesses confirmed the van was at the site during that period. From this case a positive suspect was developed, which the victim identified in a line up as being the one responsible for her kidnap and assault.

4. October 1, 1974, a kidnap/assault, a 20 year old, living on NE 6th Ave. Camas WA.

She was standing on a street corner in downtown Portland when the suspect stopped his blue van and talked to her. He said he was working on a thesis for class work at Seattle University. He offered her money to pose for him. She accompanied him into the Washington Park area of Portland, where he threatened her with a knife and bound her with tape. He then transported her about 25 miles to Lacamas Park, a heavily wooded sparsely populated area of Clark County. There she was sexually assaulted and shot in the chest with hand honed darts from a .177 ca. dart pistol. She was then led by a rope around her neck approximately 100 ft. down a path, sat on a log, then choked unconscientious. He then stabbed her 5 times in the chest area. Her naked body was laid beside a log and covered with brush and debris, apparently left for dead. All clothing was taken from the scene. The victim, however was not mortally wounded, and after about two hours was able to make her way to a public road, where she found assistance.

The gun, tape, baling twine similar to what was used on other victims and other items used on the victim were taken from a foot locker in the suspect’s van. Articles belonging to the victim were found in the suspect’s home. He had taken leave from work to keep a doctor’s appointment in Portland on the day of the kidnap/assault.

The victim readily identified the suspect in a lineup.

5. & 6. Found October 12, 1974, a reported double homicide, one victim as yet unidentified, one being identified as Carol Valenzuela, age 18 years. (Later determined to be a victim of Ted Bundy.)

Both female victims were found in shallow graves in the Dole Valley Area of Clark County, an area the suspect was known to have frequented. The bodies were found about 100 ft. from each other. The unidentified female was estimated to have been died two to six weeks prior to Valenzuela’s disappearance August 2, 1974, approximately 2-3 weeks after the 15 year old's kidnap/assault and the Blake homicide. The gravesites were near large logs.

The unidentified victim was determined to be a white female, 17-23 yrs, 5’5 -5’7 tall and approximately 125 lbs, with long dark brown hair. These remains were believed to have been placed there approximately one month prior to Valenzuela.

Valenzuela was a white female, 18 yrs., from the Camas WA area. She was believed to have been hitchhiking from the Camas area on the date of her disappearance, to have died possibly from suffocation.

7. Found May 9, 1978, Gloria Nadine Knutson, age unkown, last seen in downtown Vancouver May 31, 1974. Victim was located near Lacamas Lake, postively identified.

This makes six victims of suspect Warren Forrest and one of Ted Bundy's. If Jamie was indeed a victim she would be no. 7 for Forrest and no. 8 in Clark County.

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