W. C. Crisp to Power Attorney

To all whom this presents shall come Greetings.

Know ye that whereas Moses P. Crisp formerly of the County of Hardeman and the State of Tennessee left a last will and testament wherein it was devised that two certain Negro Boys therein named the property of the said Moses P. Crisp in his lifetime should be retained by the widow of the said M. P. Crisp for the space of ten years from the death of said M. P. Crisp for the support and education of his younger children after which the said Negros should be sold & out of the proceeds should be paid to the sibscriber & others in said will mentioned One Hundred Dollars each.

Now know ye that reposing especial confidence the skill and integrity of T. C. Coates of the County Hardeman State of Tennessee, I William C. Crisp of the county of Clark of the State of Arkansas and son of the said Moses P. Crisp have appointed said Mr. Coates my true and lawful attorney lawful attorney in fact for me and in my stead to receive and receipt for the said Legacy so devised as aforesaid and he is hereby authorized to execute all need full or necessary releases and or discharges to the personal representative of the said Moses P. Crisp as aforesaid of my said attorney is hereby authorized and impowered to give seal and deliver any bond which may be necessary in order to procure the payment of said money hereby satisfying and confirming each and every of the acts of my said Attorney done and performs with the spirit and the meaning of these letters as fully and effectively as though they were the proper acts of my Own person. In witness whereof I have hereby affixed my hand and seal this 24th day of August A. D. 1849.

Wm. C. Crisp {Seal}

State of Arkansas }
Clark County }
Be it remembered that on the twentieth day of August A. D. 1849 before me William Hudson an acting Justice of the Peace duly commissioned and qualified personally came William C. Crisp to me well known as the person described as such in the foregoing instrument of writing and acknowledges the above to be his act and Deed **?** **?** and that he made and executed the same for the uses and purposes mentioned and explained. Given under my hand the day and year first above written.

William Hudson J. P.

State of Arkansas }
County of Clark } I Isaac W. Smith Clerk of the Circuit Court of Clark County and in offcial clerk of Clark do hereby certify that William Hudson whose name appears to the foregoing certificate is and was at the time of executing an acting Justice of the Peace duly commissioned & qualified.
Witness my hand as Said Clerk issue the Seal of the Court this 23rd day of August A. D. 1849

I. W. Smith Clerk

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