Warren Leslie Forrest

Warren Leslie Forrest was described as 25 years old, 5’9” tall, 155 lbs, with light brown shoulder length hair, blue eyes and a bushy mustache. At the time of his arrest he lived on 18th Ave. in Battleground WA. He was married, the father of two children.

Forrest was born in Vancouver WA., and attended Vancouver schools. He was in the US Army, serving as a Spec. 5, missile crew service gunner, in Vietnam. In 1970, he attended the North American School of Conservation in Newport Beach, CA. At some point he also lived in Texas.

From January 1, 1971 to October 2 1974, Forrest worked for the Clark County Parks and Recreation Dept. He owned a 1973 blue Ford van bearing Washington license plate.

When arrested for the Wightman murder, he plead not guilty to this charge by reason of insanity and was sentenced to commitment at Western States Mental Hospital, Steillacum, WA, based on the examination by three local physiatrists. On the dates of the abductions, Forrest was either off, or took the day off early, from work.

In 1979, Forrest stood trial for murder in the one case prosecutors had the most physical evidence, which they could bring to trial quickly to keep him off the streets after his release from the mental hospital, which was imminent. The other cases are still open, active cases. Forrest was found guilty of murder and sent to Washington State Penitentiary with a life sentence. But, Forrest was convicted before mandatory sentencing laws, so he will be eligible for parole in 2014.

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