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Letter from David Carter to Chris and Kate (King) Wallace, sister to David Carter's wife Fannie. Fanny's complete name was Alice Frances King - she was the daughter of Allen E. King and wife Nancy Elizabeth Walker, both born and died around Medina, TN. The reference to "Briggs" - he was the husband of Martha Elizabeth (Lizzie) and his full name was John Briggs Hill.

Envelope dated 5 PM, June 21. 1902, sent from Harrison, Oklahoma to Medina, TN. (Note: Harrison was the original name for Gotebo--E. T.)

Mr. C. Wallace and family.
With the saddest heart of life I write you and Catie of your sister Fannies death which occured on the llth of this month. She was taken with flu about 10 days before being confined. The Doctor got her relieved after she was confined about 3 days, then fever set up and inflamation of the stomach and bowel set up and two of the best Doctors could not save her. We gave all the attention and medical aid anyone could have. We had lots company to help care for her. I had her put away just as she directed in wite. She told me when I asked her where she wanted to be buried to take her back to Pella and I went to the RR Co. and they would not cary the corps on the train, so I had to bury her at Harrison. So I will move her yet if I live long enough. Well Catie, the one was a girl, it died the 15th, it done all right until I let a lady in town take it home with her then it got so it slept all the time and would not eat hardly anything, so Fannie's wish was supplied, she said just before she died, she wanted it to follow her. Fannie suffered a heap before she died, but tried to make me and the children think she would overcome it all - she would not let me leave the bed side if she could help it. The Dr. told me the day before she died that it would be a close call. She would make me give her brandy every few minutes and get hot watter and rub her hands and arms and the Doctors injected medicine in her arms and legs, but nothing would raise her pulce. On the morning of the 11th about 8 o'clock, I was setting on the bed by her and she looked up at me and smiled and said well Dave, I have fought this as long as I can, my time is about wound here, I told her to pray and she smiled, it is all ready, she said and raised her hands to heaven and says I am not ashamed to meet my maker and said I see my little blue eyed now there, then told me and the children to all be good and we would meet again, kissed all of us and talked until 1 o'clock. Even after she could not see any, she would take hold of our hands, rub her hand on their heads, and talk as long as she had any breath to talk. Well, Criss and Catie, excuse me for not writeing sooner, no knowing what Lizzie writen to you. Criss, I can't stay here, this is an unpleasant place to live. Well, Briggs is a section hand, gets a dollar and 25 cents a day, boards himself, buys wood at $8 a cord, water 20 cents a barrel, stays behind all the time, so I have been told. He lives in a little hole in the ground full of fleas and chinches. Read this to Uncle John Walker. So good by, till we meet again. Signed D.A.C. (David Alston Carter)

Permission to use this letter was given by Marlene Shake. This remains the property of Ms. Shake. The letter was sent to her grandparents, Grandmother (Catherine Jane King) and Grandfather (Christopher C. Wallace) .Fanny was born Feb. 23, 1867 in Gibson Co., TN, married David A. Carter in Wise Co., TX Feb. 10. 1892, and she died June 11, 1902 in Harrison.

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