To that man of steady eye, strong hand and steadfastness of purpose - that woman that helped in the fields, lived, loved and raised her family in sod homes and dugouts with dirt floors - who endured the hardships of this new country that its barren grass plains might be transformed into properous towns and farming communities - to the pioneers - these pages are dedicated.

On them you will find interesting tidbits of life from the people who moved to this piece of Oklahoma Prairie. Some of the items you will see here will be accounts from Pioneers who came and worked hard to carve out a life among the snakes, rocks, and prairie grass, and learn to live in harmony with the prior citizens of this area, the Kiowa, Comanche and Apache. You will also see interesting items about things that happened as the County was changing and growing up.

If your ancestors came to Kiowa County, and you have an interesting story about their life here, or if you have knowledge of things that happened in the county, since 1901, and would like to see your Prairie Tale featured, please email me. Let me know your thoughts on this page, and visit often to see what new has been offered.

Dick Holly, Trail Drive

Jim Tutin, Cattle Drive

Sauerberg Brothers

Mrs. W. A. Thompson, To Her Children

Charlie Tannyhill

Fannie's Letters

A. T. Henderson, Merchant

Mountain View Tornado

Colonel Lewellen Clay

Marie Bailey Anderson

Mansell Family

Wanzor Family of Mountain View

Frank Lugert

Democrat Chief News Bytes, August 4, 1924

Omar Benedict, Newspaper Owner

Changing Face Of Kiowa County

Snyder Tornado

Babbs Switch Christmas Eve Fire

The Tillman and Coffey Families

Letter Home

Pre-historic Skeleton Found

Captain Henry Harrison "Harry" Tucker

Nora Lorraine Smith Lorrin

Kiowa County Plane Crashes

Major John Mullins, USA, (Ret.), Silver Star

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