Prairie Dell, District 43

Prairie Dell was a one teacher school through 1941-1942. It transferred for 6 years.It was the usual frame building with the usual activities. In 1948 it was annexed to Hobart and Roosevelt.

Queen Esther, District 44

Queen Esther School was a one teacher school through 1925. It is thought to have started in 1903. It was then annexed to Gotebo. The school house was sold after it was annexed. It was bought by H. H. Wedel who tore it down and added to the Gunter house in Hobart.

Pleasant Hill, District 45

Pleasant Hill was organized in the fall of 1902. The one room building was built on land donated by George Shepard, 9 miles northwest of Mountain Park. The first few years there was only one teacher, then grew to 4.

Not long after the school opened, Alvin Mullins opened a general store nearby. A Post office served the community from Nov. 1903 to July 1904. The school was used for community gatherings and at the close of the 1928 term, was annexed to Mountain Park.

Odetta School District 49

The school was built in 1903, the usual one room building, 4 windows to the side, a front and back door and painted white. Early records were lost, so there is no history.

The school house also served as a community center. Sunday School was held on Sunday mornings and singing at night. There was a Thanksgiving dinner, box suppers, Christmas Program and treats.

Odetta was consolidated with Snyder in 1927.

Gold Hill District #50

Gold Hill School was located about 3 miles east of Snyder. It was a one room school with about 60-65 students from the community. It served as a community center for activities, church and Sunday school.

Kiowa Flat School District 53

The original school was a one room structure built around 1902, 3 miles west of Mountain View. Soon another room was added to keep up with the growing population. By 1917, there were 102 students. In the '20's another room was added for a two year high school. This building was destroyed by fire in 1939, and was replaced with a native stone two room building built by the W.P.A. Kiowa Flat School was transferred to Mountain View and Gotebo in 1946

Grandview School, District 54

During the early days of pioneers settling in Kiowa County, a Mr. Dryer deeded the site to the proposed District No 54, with the condition that if the district was ever to be consolidated, the land would revert to him. Grandview began in 1902 or 1903 on land donated by a Mr. Dryer. The first teacher was Mrs. Anna Ross. No other information available. The building was sold and moved to Snyder and made into a dwelling.

Winthrow School, District 58

Winthrow was first a one room school, but later it became necessary to have 2 teachers. For part of those years, the ninth grade was taught, the 10th grade was taught one year for one student. Many school programs were held, regular literary society meetings, Sunday School and church services of various denominations, and at least one wedding.

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