Snyder District 51(changed to #4)

Snyder’s first school was a small frame building erected in 1902. Nell Cotton, W. P. Evans, George Tallent and Charles Hibbard were early superintendents. Hibbard was killed in the 1905 tornado.

From 1907 to 1915 the school made rapid progress. In 1908 a new school building was erected and in 1910 the school received its accreditation with Oklahoma University in Norman.

In 1915 more classrooms were added, the grounds improved and a normal training course was added.

Hilltop District 71

Hilltop School was in Kiowa County before Hunter Township was transferred to Tillman County. The first school was held one mile west and 1 miles north of Snyder. It was a one room residence building. Later the school house was built facing south-west. It was used until 1932 when a new and larger building was erected, still a 1 room school. It was well equipped with playgrounds, equipment, cellar and cistern.

The last term of school was held in 1942 with 7 students. From then the building was not used much and was sold in 1947.

Mullins (Pleasant Hill) District 80

Pleasant Hill District 80, better known as the “Mullins School” was first organized in the fall of 1902. A one room school building was built on land donated by George Shephard located 9 miles northwest of Mountain Park..

The first few years the school operated as a one teacher school, then two, then three and finally four. Subjects offered were orthography, reading, arithmetic, grammer, penmanship, history, geography, and physiology. 35 students were enrolled for the first term from Nov. 17, 1902 through March 20, 1903 with Carrie Street as teacher.

Shortly after the school was established, Alvin Mullins opened a general store nearby. From that time on the school was known as “The Mullins School”. A postoffice also named Mullins, with Mr. Mullins as postmaster served the community from Nov. 11, 1903 through July 17, 1904 at which time it was discontinued and effective Aug. 3, 1904 the mail service was given to Mountain Park.

The school house served a large area for community gatherings such as literaries, magic lantern programs, box suppers, a place to vote, and also for church services and weddings. Feb. 23, 1908, following the morning service, Miss Elsie Urbach became the bride of John McDonald and Miss Claudia Bennett became the bride of Roy Urbach. Following the evening services, Miss Jennie Smith became the bride of Will Bennett.

Enrollment continued to grow and a new 2-story building was built in 1917. At that time, the school district furnished a house for the teachers which was located in a pasture back of the Tom Brannon home.

IN the spring of 1921, 3 districts, Pleasant Hill (Mullins) #80, Rockdale (Lick Skillet) #79 and Shiloh # 81, voted to become Union Graded #10. Under this arrangement, Mullins became to central school, with 4 teachers, 2 for grades and 2 for high school. One teacher was maintained at each of the other schools to teach the first 6 grades.

In 1926, the girls basketball team won the Kiowa County championship. Instead of 2-court divisions then, there were 3, with forwards, centers and guards all staying in their area. Parents took the players to all games which were played away from home.

At the end of 1927-28 term, the parents petitioned to have Union Graded #10 disbanded with Rockdale and Pleasant hill annexing to Mountain Park and Shiloh annexing to Con. 8

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