Elk View School, District 26

Located 3 miles west and one mile south of Hobart, Elk View school was a one room school for grades one through eight. In the center of the room was a large coal stove furnishing heat in the winter and on occasion heating a large kettle of cocoa as a special treat for the students. The school was built on land owned by Jess Reed, for as long as the school existed. When the school disbanded, the land returned to the Reed estate.

The school was the scene of many community activities; Sunday school and church, box suppers, Christmas programs and other entertainment. At one time the community had a very active literary society which put on plays, skits and other entertainment.

Elk View was noted for some very good baseball teams.A good water well was located at the school and during the "dirty thirties" nearby farmers hauled their drinking water from there.

Students of Elk View were transferred to Hobart and Lone Wolf Schools through 1947-1949. In 1949, Elk View was annexed to Hobart and Lone Wolf and students were transferred.

The Neighborly Home Demonstration Club used the school building for the club and activity house for a number of years after the school district was annexed. Finally the building was sold to Bryan Gentry who tore it down to salvage the lumber. Mr. Gentry gave the corner stone to Paul Edge, a former student at Elk View.

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