Charles Landon Hibbard, ca 1900


One of the most dramatic stories that came from the Snyder tornado was that of Professor Charles Landon Hibbard, one of the town's educators. Hibbard's parents were visiting him. When it became apparent that a storm was coming, he gathered his four children, his wife and aged parents together and started for the cellar. His parents could not move swiftly, neither could the smaller children.. Lloyd, the 12 year old sonwas sent ahead to open the cellar door. The remainder of the family came on toward the cellar as the din of the approaching storm grew louder.

The professor, leading his father and mother, slowed his steps to match theirs, and his wife was close behid with the children.

The children began to whimper in fright, it was then that Lloyd could hear the voice of this father raised above the storm, quoting Shakespeare's Julius Caesar; " Cowards die many times before their death, the valiant never taste of death but once". He continued, "Of all the wonders I yet have heard, it seems to me most strange that men should fear; seeing that death, a necessary end, will come when it will come".

That was the last memory the boy had of his father. The entire family, except for Lloyd and a brother Ed, died before they reached shelter. Lloyd told the story next day to Nyra Deming, now Mrs. R. F. Trader. She thought then and does now (1975), that the professor must have been one of the bravest of brave men.

The professor and his family lie today in the Snyder cemetery. There is one stone for all, marked with the name HIBBARD. Martain (Martin), Nellie Bell, Charles Landon, Charles' wife, Charlie, Harold Hibbard all buried in one grave after the tornado.

This photo was taken by Mike Branick, NOAA, Norman, OK Spring, 2005

The photos of the Snyder tornado and confirmation of this story, were contributed by the family of Charles Landon Hibbard, and the daughter-in-law, Virginia Hibbard, of one of the surviving sons.

Read the article written in the Snyder Signal-Star, May 12, 1905

In May, 1905 a tornado struck Snyder OK leaving a trail of death and destruction. The superintendent of Snyder Schools, Professor Charles Landon Hibbard and his family was killed except for two sons, Lloyd and Edward. Edward's son, Charles (Chuck/Dick) Landon also has passed March, 2003, losing his battle with cancer. This Memorial page is dedicated to him and to cancer patients everywhere. "Chuck's Hats For Chemo" is a project started by Chuck's wife Ginny Hibbard. Please visit the memorial and read how you can help. This is a worthwhile project, not only for Kiowa County, but any county, anywhere. Help spread the word about "Chuck's Hats For Chemo" and help show chemo patients, "someone cares!"

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