Known to have frequented the areas known as Virginia, North Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia, Tennessee,
Kentucky, Illinois, Alabama, Missouri, Arkansas, Oklahoma, Texas And various other places since migrating from England about 1600.


For information leading to the location of this gang. Crimes connected to this gang include: skillfully eluding the descendents of this gang for nearly 400 years, willfully hiding documents leading to their identity, secretly traveling unknown routes and covering their trail. If you see this Gang, do not attempt to apprehend. Contact the sheriff listed under their names, with the location sighted

Reward is eternal gratitude from their descendents!

Albert George Prince 1800/Janet Melvin, Scotland
Lorne Leslie David Prince

Benjamin Prince 1797/Nancy Belcher, VA
Richard (Dick) Prince/Patricia G. Philpott, IA
Everett Vance/Mary E. Cole

Cary Prince 1802 SC/ Sarah ??
Paul Alex Prince, Jr

Daniel Prince1 b. c1786 VA>SC>GA /Sarah b. c1796 NC>SC>GA
Earnie Prince
C. R. Layton

Daniel Prince/Lydia ?
Raymond Leslie Prince

Daniel Prince, VA
Rita G. Jelks Tanner ID, Wa, OR

Daniel Prince 1811-1859/Emily Burns 1817-1892
Clois Richardson

David Prince 1750-1792, NC

Edward Prince 1609, England/Mary Yate
Carolyn Sue Brooks 1933
Patricia Lopesti/Frederick Bott
Wilton Earle
Cosette Lewis
Homer Bell Prince 1929/Pat Stott
Marion Abigail Banks/Franklin V. Dennison
Alvin Franklin Prince/Susan Marie Buckles
Nancy Annette McClellan

Francis Prince 1790/Sarah ? England
Barbara Porter Conner
Nancy Prince Gagnon

Hudson M. Prince 1775/Nancy Prince 1776
Gerry Ann Widell FL

James Prince 1790/ Francis Mumford, Crewkerne, Somerset, England
David Prince

James D. Prince b. abt 1850. Tn./ Melissa A. GREEN
Denice Prince Wilson

Jesse Numon Prince 1800 NC/Delilah Carter
Ethel Crisp Taylor
Melanie Rochelle Tankersley White

John Prince 1769-1811/Helena/Eleanor/Elenor Stevens, Wanstrow, Somerset, England
James Prince

John Prince/?
Thomas Theodore Prince/Cheryl Anne Woodley

John Prince Sr. 1745-1840 VA
Ira Phillip Prince

John Prince 1828, MS
Becki Moore George

Jonathan H. Prince/1. Elizabeth ?; 2. Mary Bradley Gallion; 3. Sarah Jane Hanvy
John Luther PRINCE III Travis Co., TX/Martha Hight TX, OK

Joseph M. Prince 1866/Martha "Mattie" Neil/Neal
Glenda Mounger

Peter Prince c1780 TN/Sarah Ann Parson
Gale Prince Nash

Richard Prince 1765/Mary "Mollie"Raines, NC
Tammy Kay Sharp
Linda Freeman

Richard Prince 1746/Edith ?, VA
Claudine Putnam

Sarah "Sallie" Prince 1770-1842/Dugger Freeman
Monte Arthur Hart/Lois Kay Speer

Simeon Prince 1812,NC or SC
George Thomas Prince, Bristow, OK

Thomas Prince 1823 VA>KY/Mary Jacobs
Pamela J. Clarke Dawson

William Prince 1777 /Frances ? Scotland(?)
Nancy Elizabeth Palmer Harvey

William J Prince 1813 GA/Martha Lamberson 1825 NC
Brian Zachary Eberling
Billy Potter/Pam Criswell

William Prince 1781 NC/Sarah ?
Christy Lynn Grady Townsend

William Prince 1788 SC/Mary Grice
James Phillip Kirby III

William Prince Jr. 1834,VA (later WVA)
Franklin V. Dennison III/Abigail Banks

William Prince 1805/Elizabeth Howell SC
Richard Almond

Willis Prince 1791?Elizabeth Wimpey SC
Sarah Wigington Widener

Zachariah Prince 1807 NC/Suvanna ??
Ethel Crisp Taylor
Ronald Lee Prince

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