Hello and welcome. Grab a cup of coffee, pull up a comfy chair and take a look at our Prince Family Album. There are only a few photos now, but more are on the way, so stop back again.

left to right
Mary Ann Howerton
b. Oct. 30, 1867, Pike Co. AR
d. 1916, Lane, Atoka CO. OK
m. 1887
Berry S. Prince
b. Dec. 1865, Clark CO. AR
d. 1917, Lane, Atoka CO. OK
Front Row: children, James b. 1896; Lonnie, b. 1905
Back Row: Ida b, 1892 Johnnie b. 1903
Mary Ann Prince Howerton, mother
b. April, 1845 Jackson Co. AL
d. Jan 22, 1916 Kirby, Pike CO. AR

Mary Ann Howerton was the daughter of Zachariah and Susannah Prince who moved their family to Hot Springs Co. AR from Paint ROck Vally, Jackson Co, AL, in the summer of 1854.

Eliza Jane Prince
b. 1847, Jackson Co. AL

Mary Ann "Polly" Prince
b. April 1845, Jackson CO. AL
d. Jan. 22, 1916, Kirby, Pike CO. AR
m. Jan. 1, 1860, Clark Co. AR
William Bertram Howerton
b. Oct. 1832, Camden CO. MO
d. July 23, 1901, Kirby, Pike Co. AR

Mary Ann and Eliza are daughters of Zachariah and Susannah Prince.

Mary Ann Williams
b. May 1838, AL d. May 5, 1916, Pike Co. AR
m. Dec. 23, 1855, Hot Springs CO. AR
Peter Prince
b. Dec. 1833, Jackson Co. AL
d. Sept. 11. 1883, Pike Co. AR.

Mary Ann Williams was an Alabama Cherokee. Her parents have not been found. Peter Prince was the son of Zachariah and Susannah Prince.

Simon Peter Prince
b. April 2, 1868, Clark Co. AR
d. July 3, 1941, Pike Co. AR
m. ca 1895 AR
Ann Virginia Greeson
B. 1869, d. 1949, Pike CO. AR

Simon Peter was the son of Peter Prince and Mary Ann Williams, grandson of Zachariah and Susannah Prince. He was a brother to Berry Prince.



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