Indian Heritage In Our Prince Families

Recently on our PRINCE-L list we were discussing the Indian Heritage that is in some of our family lines. Some of them are in our direct Prince line, some are married into our Prince families. This page of our Prince Families Photo Album is dedicated to those Indian Ancestors, many who denied their heritage and assimilated into the white society because of the many prejudices of times they lived in.

The photos on this page was donated by our cousins with the "family legend" of Indian bloodlines, many are Cherokee, as a lot of our Princes came from Cherokee Country in the Southeast United States.

Be aware the page may load a bit slowly depending on your system, due to the photos.

Nancy Jane Worthen was born in Jackson CO. AL 17 Dec. 1837 - died 10 Nov.1899, Howe, Choctaw Nation, Indian Territory. She was the daughter of Sinak Prince and James Madison Worthen. Nancy Jane married Benjamin Van Buren Sanders. She is the grandmother of Don Schaefer

Eliza Jane Prince, b. 1847, Jackson Co. AL and Mary Ann "Polly" Prince, B. April 1845 Jackson Co.,d. Jan. 22, 1916, Kirby, Pike Co. AR. Mary Ann married William Bertram Howerton

Mary Ann and Eliza are daughters of Zachariah and Susannah Prince. There is family legend that Zachariah's mother/parents may have been Indian, probably Cherokee, but it is not proven. Susannah ? Was born in KY. That was part of Cherokee Country, so she may also be of that bloodline. Nothing is proven yet. Mary Ann Prince Howerton is the grandmother of Ethel Taylor. Mary Ann and Eliza are aunts of Ron Prince

Mary Ann Williams b. May 1838, AL, d. May 5, 1916, Pike Co.AR married Dec. 23, 1855, Hot Springs CO. AR, Peter Prince b. Dec. 1833, Jackson Co. AL d. Sept. 11. 1883, Pike Co. AR.

Mary Ann Williams was an Alabama Cherokee. Her father was John Williams, listed on the 1835 Henderson Rolls of Cherokee who agreed to move to lands in now Oklahoma. Peter Prince was the son of Zachariah and Susannah Prince. Mary Ann is the grandmother of Ethel Taylor

Mary Jane Prince b.11/11/1852, Paint Rock Valley, Jackson CO. AL, D. 1937, In Jackson CO. AL, daughter William Prince and granddaughter Of Jesse Prince and Delilah Carter Prince. Family Legend says that Jesse's mother/parents may have been Cherokee. Nothing has been proven yet. Delilah Carter may be of Cherokee blood also, as she was born in western NC, Cherokee Country. Mary married Pete Swaim They are the grandparents of Mary Winn.

The King Family.Standing is James Wiley King, b. 1854, Buncombe Co. NC and his wife Mollie Louisa Ella Williams, b. 1876 TN, seated is James' mother Mary M. Prince King Huff, holding James and Louisa's daughter, Ethel King. Louisa's mother is said to be a full blood Cherokee girl who was a slave or servant to a Williams family in KY or TN. James and Louisa are the grandparents of Rita Tanner

Sarah Catherine "Cat" Ashley was born 12/5/1855 in Franklin Co. TN, daughter of Preshia Prince and Willis Ashley, grand daughter of Jesse and Delilah Carter Prince. Cat married her cousin James M. Ashley, then moved to Hot Springs CO. AR, then into OK. She died 8/30/1948 In Pushmataha Co. OK. Cat is the grandmother of Ethel Taylor

Lizzie Prince Black, daughter of Joseph and Mary Caroline Clark Prince, Anderson Co. TN. She is the grandmother of Nancy McGinty

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