This is a collection of Prince wills contributed by our cousins. If one belongs to your family, the information is included as to where to write for a copy. The wills have exerpted to give only the "goodies" contained. The address of the contributer is listed.

The following wills for NC are listed in the index of Thornton W. Mitchell,
NC Wills: A Testator Index, 1665-1900 date is date of probate unless
otherwise noted. If no Willbook reference there is no recorded

Prince, John, Cumberland Co, NC, 1782 orig only NC archives
[ following is from my notes on orig seen at NC archives]
Scoggin, Josiah 100 acres
Scoggin, Nancy
Scoggin, Lisey
Elkins, Rebeah
Scoggin, Sarah
Scoggin, Sarah sole ex
Elkins, Tom wit
{lisine?], Orvin wit
written April 6th 1792

Prince, Joseph, Rutherford Co, NC, 1792 orig only NC archives
Written 8 May, 1789 proved July 1792
Wife, Rebeckah, furniture, household, kitchen goods, 1 horse, 7 cattle,
19 hogs, All bonds, notes, hand bill of sails, all other instruments of
wrighting of value.
Son John, 5 shillings
Son William, 5 shillings,
Son Joel, 5 shillings
Daughter Mary Ivey 5 shillings
Sons Peter Burnett, Joseph Burnett, Daniel Prince, Nathan Prince, David
Prince and Edward Prince, my tract of land.
Daughter Maratha Prince, 5 shillings
Daughter Tabby Prince 5 shillings
Daughter Elizabeth Prince 5 shillings
Executors: Rebeckah Prince, wife and Jesse Burnett
Signed Joseph W Prince (X) May 8, 1789
Test: Samuel Rose, James Parks, Peter (x) Burnett, Eldridge(x)
Burnett, John (x) King

Prince, Mary, Wake Co, NC, RB-21:194, 1830

Prince, Miles H., Harnett Co, NC, WB-1:128, 1882
[note Harnett formed 1855 from Cumberland]

Prince, Nathan, Cumberland Co, NC, WB-B:62, 1821, orig NC archives
[ following is from my notes on orig seen at NC archives]
Prince, Rebecca wife, land & plantation, 3 negroes (Sarah, James, Diley),
etc. for life or widowhood
Windom, Elizabeth dau, 5 negroes in her possession
Prince, Hambleton son, negroe Moses
Prince, Daniel son $50.00 per year for 14 yrs to support him, use of
land to north white oak
Dennis, Rebecca dau, negro Beck, and Diley & James after death of wife
Dennis, David son-in-law land where he lives I purchased of Ja{es?] Burt
Prince, Henderson grandson 200 acres adjoining David Holts heirs
Prince, Ruffin grandson 200 acres called the Robertson Place, also negro
little Ned
Windhem, Flora granddaughter &
Windhem, Elizabeth granddaughter 50 acres of land where Samuel Donalham
now lives to share equally
Prince, Joel son, land south of line of white oaks. Best Negroes Ned, Sam,
Jemer, garth, Ben, Stephin, Lucy and balance of the estate
Prince, Joel ex
Massey, Stephen wit
Burt Frederick wit
signed 28 July 1821

Prince, Nicholas, Chatham Co, NC, WB-A:210, 1812 date signed, orig NC

Prince, Nicholas, Cumberland Co, NC, admin 1824
[ following is from my notes on orig seen at NC archives]
Spence, Timothy
Prince, Isham
Stephens, Johnathan
100 lbs 1 Mar 1824
Admin of Nicholas Prince dec.

Prince, Ruffin, Chatham Co, NC, WB-E:447, 1890, orig NC archives

Prince, Theron E., Polk Co, NC, WB-1:222, 1893, orig NC archives
[Polk co formed 1855 from Rutherford and Henderson]

Prince, William, Chatham Co, NC, 1821 Orig only NC archives

Prince, William, Cumberland Co, NC. 1808 Estate Records 1758-1930 [NC
archives CR029.508.60] [ following is from my notes on
orig seen at NC archives]
Prince, Charlotte admin bond 16 March 1808
Utley, Allen sec
Hodges, Philemen, sec
Dudley, Richard sec

Prince, Nathan v. Jas Battle re: estate of Wm Prince decd Dec 1817
Court ordered division of Negroes between Britan Prince and Jas Battle
who purchased the widows share
Prince, Nathan guardian for Brittain Prince (minor) son of Wm
Prince, James purchased widows share Negroes

Prince, William L, Polk co, NC, WB-1:46, 1878, orig NC archives

Prince, Daniel, Union CO. SC Will Abstracts 1787-1849 by Brent Howar
Holcomb pgs. 12-14 April Court 1793
Wife, Lydia
Son, William
Son, Joseph
Son, John
Son, Isom
Son, Richard
Son, Edward
Daughter, Elizabeth
Daughter, Sarah
Daughter, Celia

King George County Will Book A-1 (1721-1752), pp. 53-54
Parish of Hanover the 21 August 1726
Will of John Prince

Son, John Prince, son of Margaret Rimer- negro man named London, Negro woman, Levce and her increase. If he dies without heirs,
Thomasin Prince to inherit.

Daughter Thomsin Prince, daughter of Margaret Rimer - 6,000 pounds of tobacco to be paid in hogsheads of 800 net or near convenient to water
in Hanover Parish, and if she dies without heir, to fall to John Prince.

Margaret Rimer - 2,000 pounds of tobacco to convenient in Hanover Parish.

John Prince, son of Margaret Rimer, two-thirds of what estate I have in the hands of John Beacher, Esq. of
Bristol, and also in the hands of Humphry Brawdan of Exeador, and if he
dies without heir to fall to Thomasin Prince, if not lawfully begotten of
his own body, and my desire is that John Prince, at the age of eighteen,
and Thomasin, at the age of sixteen years, shall have full possession of
their estates.

Thomasin Prince, daughter of Margaret Rimer, all that is in the hands of John Beacher, Esq., of Bristol, and also in the
hands of Humphry Brawdan of Exeador after John Prince has his part.

John Prince, son of Margaret Rimer, all the remainder of my estate after my debts are paid. If John Prince and
Thomasin Prince, son and daughter of Margaret Rimer, die unmarried, that
their estates shall fall to Margaret Rimer and her daughter, Katharine
Rimer, equally to be divided.

Ordain and appoint Mr. Richard Buckner, Major
William Thornton, Captain Samuel Skinker, and Mr. Thomas Turner to be joint
Executor of this my last will and testament hereby revoking and making void
all former wills by me heretofore made.

In witness whereof I have set my hand and seal the day and year above

John Prince (seal)
Signed sealed and delivered
in the presence of

John Diskins
John [G] Grimes (his mark)
Margaret [N] Paine (her mark)

At a court held for King George County on Friday, 7 October 1726, the last
will and testament of John Prince, Clerk, was presented into court by
Samuel Skinker, Gent, one of the Executors therein named and the same was
proved by the oaths of Margaret Paine and John Diskin, two of the evidences
thereto and admitted to record.

Copy Test
T: Turner Cl: Cur:

Abbeville, S.C., Will Bk II, pp. 149f

John W. PRINCE, Six legal heirs:
Hudson PRINCE of Pendleton Dist.
Rebecca PRINCE, wf of Edward PRINCE
George PRINCE of the state of Georgia
Sylvanus PRINCE, son of my bro Silvanus PRINCE
Susan Black, wf of Robert F. BLACK, dau of my sister Sarah PRINCE
Elizabeth MINES, dau of my sister Polly PRINCE
Exrs James A. BLACK (His Will p. 296f, 1836)
Will dtd 17 Nov 1825, proved 5 Nov 1825
(Hudson PRINCE, Trustee of the Estate of Dr. John Dela Hoew, 1830)

pp. 185-186
Edward PRINCE,
wife Rebecca,
son Hugh M. PRINCE,
dau Polly CLAY, and her children;
sons Jonathon and Sylvanus;
dau Lucy;
my interest in my father's estate.
Exrs. Son Hugh M. PRINCE, Alexander HUNTER
Wit. John C. MARTIN, William B. SCOTT, A. HUNTER
Will dtd 3 Dec 1827; proved 17 Dec 1827
Donated by Chan Edmondson (

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